Do you want to work or study in Australia? Or do you simply want to visit a relative you haven't seen in years? Whatever the case may be, you should assess your eligibility for an Australian visa to know which visa option is right for you. At ISA Migrations, we are providing assessment services to help you make the right decision.

  • The work or skilled visa is designed for those who wish to live and work in Australian either on a permanent or temporary basis.
  • Find out if you have the skills and qualifications Australia needs.
  • The employer sponsored visa is for an overseas worker who has received an offer from an Australian company to work for them.
  • It is also for Australian-based businesses that wish to hire workers from other countries. See if you fulfil the requirements of this visa option.
  • With a student visa, you can study at an Australian school, university or vocational training institution.
  • Find out if you can successfully qualify for a student visa.
  • The parent visa is designed for those who wish to visit and live with their children who are citizens or permanent residents of Australia.
  • Get assessed now to determine if this visa will allow you to fulfil your travel objectives.
  • If you are married, engaged, or in a de factory relationship with an Australian citizen, this visa option is suited for you.
  • See if you have the qualifications to secure this visa type.
  • With a travel visa, you can enjoy the splendour and natural sceneries of Australia. This visa option is also designed for those who wish to go on an Australian business trip.
  • Find out if this visa option is right for you.

ISA Migrations is a company dedicated to helping people who wish to travel, work, or study in Australia and beyond. To ensure faster and seamless processing of your visa application, it is important that you meet the necessary requirements each visa type is asking of you. Contact us today and get assessed to verify if you qualify for the type visa you wish to obtain.

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