485 Visa Conditions & Processing Time

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485 Visa Conditions & Processing Time

Are you an international student who just finished a course at an Australian learning institution? Certainly, you wish to spend a longer time in Australia for more advanced education.  You can make this happen through the Temporary Graduate Visa. This visa type is intended for international students like you who complete a course in any of the colleges and universities in Australia. Through this, you can stay, study and seek employment in this country momentarily after graduation. It is important to know though, that you can only obtain the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 once only as a primary applicant.

Important facts to know about the Temporary Graduate Visa

The Subclass 485 Visa Australia has two streams. These include the Post-study work stream valid for 2 to 4 years and the Graduate Work Stream valid for 18 months. Not all people can obtain the said visa. Certain conditions apply like the age, for one. Only individuals below 50 years of age can apply for the said visa. Also, you must be a holder of an eligible visa if you want to obtain this particular temporary visa. Also part of the requirements is that you must also have the most updated qualification in a CRICOS-registered program.  And, your qualification must be related to a job listed as Graduate Work stream or skilled occupation, or you must have acquired the Post-Study Work stream already.

Other than the conditions mentioned, you are qualified to apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa 485 if you are able to meet the fees and health conditions. The medical examinations are required according to your personal circumstances such as your length of stay outside Australia during the last 5 years, your citizenship, and the activities you intend to engage in while in this country. Medical test results are typically valid for 12 months and are intended for international students only and any family member included in the application.

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Temporary Graduate Visa 485 Processing Time

It is important to obtain the Visa Subclass 485 because it allows an international student and any member of his family to legally stay in Australia for another period of time for post-study purposes. As earlier mentioned, you must meet the required fees to be able to get the visa. For this type of visa, prepare around AUD $1,500. And, as for the processing time, it varies according to stream. It takes 4 to 5 months to process an application for the Graduate Work Stream. And, as far as the Post Study Work Stream is concerned, it takes between 55-73  days to process an application.

Skill Assessment Needed

If you are applying for the graduate work stream, it is a must to obtain a positive result from a skill assessment. More than 485 skill assessments are conducted for different fields including the IT professionals, nurses, tradesmen, teachers, and engineers, among others. You must also sit for an examination for the English IELTS or its counterpart test. Should you take the IELTS exams, you must get an average score of 6.0 with a grade of 5.0 in each band. To know if you can already apply for Visa Subclass 485, you must have been lodged within 6 months of the program completion and before your student visa expires.

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