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ISA Migrations or ISAM is a qualified international education consultancy firm based in Australia and India, which caters to counselling and helping prospective international students to study in different countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom and United States. It also provides ingenious development solutions for local and international enterprises, as well as an individual person.

The firm consists of education consultants and admissions staff that offer accurate and trustworthy information about studying abroad. There are also migration agents that help in plotting out the client’s journey in studying internationally. The staff of ISA Migrations have been working within the industry for years and have incurred invaluable information and experiences that could benefit any client.

ISAM ensures that students are guided thoroughly in the process of studying abroad, from choosing the country and the course of study to the visa processing. Potential students and clients can expect the solid support and assistance of ISAM’s expert consultants and agents.

Providing high quality service for clients and to help them map out their path in studying abroad is the main goal of ISAM. The company’s team of educational consultants and migration agents provide reliable and updated information about the international education industry, which will lead clients to make their decisions. I Study Away is known for its counselling and visa filling services.

If you want to gain an outstanding counselling services that will be able to take full advantage of studying abroad then ISAM is the company for you. Clients are offered valuable advice by the firm’s experts regarding international institutions and course options. ISAM’s educational consultants are able to analyse and determine the academic eligibility and proficiency in English of a client to be able to match it to an educational institution in the country the client prefers.

ISAM also offer counselling services towards educational institutions and overseas universities. ISA Migrations help overseas educational institutions and universities enter the international market through promotions. ISAM not only caters to the potential students but also schools that are willing to expand their horizons.

Education consultants will also discuss certain factors that could affect a client’s choices such as his or her budget, accommodation, and any other concerns. The client will also be guided in the proper application process in the educational institution of his or her choosing.

ISA Migrations could help clients with visa applications, requirements and processing. The requirement for a visa will depend on the country the clients wants to study in. Equipped with the latest information about student migration, ISAM’s migration agents will be able to help clients achieve their student visas.

ISA Migrations has designated certain strategies to be able to further fulfil the needs of its clients. Here are some of the tactics the firm will be able to implement in their plans:
  • International student placement
  • System design and development
  • Compliance
  • Project management
  • Change management and system improvement
  • Industry and stakeholder engagement
  • Program delivery services
ISAM’s marketing plans to properly utilise the company’s resources are as follows:
  • Visit colleges and higher educational institutions for the purpose of spreading the word regarding ISAM’s efficient services.
  • Organise activities to be able to promote the many advantages of studying abroad to native students or the target market. An example of an activity that can be done is to invite representatives of partner foreign institutions and then create a seminar explaining what they have to offer to the target market.
  • Communicate with international institutions and educational bodies to be able to know more about the country’s educational programs and opportunities that shall be relayed to the target market.
  • Create promotions and other interactive devices that could effectively disseminate the benefits of studying in a particular country or promoting a specific educational institution.
  • Expanding the global reach of ISAM to widen the opportunities of the target market.


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