FAQ’s for USA

Can I work while I study in the USA?

International students are allowed to take up a part-time job while studying. If you want more information regarding this please visit the Work and Study in USA page.

When is the ideal time to apply for universities?

If you are serious about enrolling in a university in the US, you must apply one year in advance. If you are seeking for a scholarship, this time frame is ideal because there is a strong competition for acquiring a scholarship.

Can I shift schools once I am in the country?

According to the USCIS, international students are not allowed to transfer schools before completing one semester.

Should I only apply to Top Ten Universities?

Ranking of a university should not be a priority. Rather, you need to consider the quality of education it is offering, particularly concerning the field of study you have chosen.

Is financial assistance available for international students?

Yes, but it will be very competitive especially during the first semester. You need to have a good academic and test scores to have financial aid.

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