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It is important for you to take good care of your health and safety in Canada. You need to be aware of your wellbeing while studying abroad because it is vital to your success. Fortunately, the country has programs that help international students like you in the maintenance of their health, security, and wellness. You don’t need to worry because Canadian universities have your back.

Universities and educational institutions in Canada are well-equipped with state-of-the-art security technologies and competent security personnel. They value the health and safety in school, securing your education and giving you the confidence to explore your potential.

It is important that you know the contact details of campus departments and find out where the campus security office, medical station, and student council office are. International students’ health and safety Canadamakes this a top priority.

You still need to be incredibly cautious if you are not familiar with your surroundings. This is especially true when you explore off-campus environment. For emergencies, you may call 911 in any telephone or cellular phone free of charge. Police departments in Canadian provinces are easy to contact and they will assist you in your health and safety in school or off-campus.

International students are encouraged to obtain medical insurance while they are studying in the country to keep their health and safety Canadain check. The Canadian health system provides a high standard of health care, but care is very expensive if you are not insured. Without insurance, you could pay thousands of dollars per day for a hospital stay or even be refused certain services. There are two types of health insurance:

  • Primary medical insurance covers medically-required services such as visits to doctors, hospital stays, and diagnostic medical testing. Primary medical insurance is legally required for all residents of British Columbia (including international students) and is provided through the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP).
  • Secondary medical insurance generally covers vision care, prescription drugs, and dental care. SFU students receive secondary medical insurance through the SFSS/GSS Extended Health and Dental Plan.

If you have any questions regarding health and safety Canada, just reach out to us and we will gladly answer them all.

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