Education Safety in the UK

The United Kingdom has always had a reputation for providing education safety for international students. The country has been voted to be one of the safest places to study in by international students. Security has been one of its greatest strengths and the UK’s diverse cultural mix, lack of gun culture, and good healthcare system entice many international students to study here.

Your health and safety in UK is given ample care by The National Health Service. Being an international student, you (and any members of your family who have come with you) are entitled to free or subsidised treatment with the UK’s National Health Service. To qualify, you must be enrolled in a course of six months or more. Even if you don’t meet the criteria, you will still be given the right for emergency treatments. If you are a national or resident of a European Economic Area country, you will receive this benefit regardless the length of your studies.

The UK is a safe country to be in, but you must still be alert and use your common sense in certain situations. Education safety is given to all international students studying within the boundaries of the UK. Universities and educational institutions are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and employ able security personnel that will protect the students from harmful situations.

Most universities and colleges in the UK have National Union of Students that aid students in any educational and personal matters. International students are encouraged to join in a student union so they could find the support they need while studying. These unions offer aid in the health and safety in UK universities for international students. They seek to promote, defend, and uphold the rights of students.

For more information on education safety in the UK, contact us and we will gladly answer any concern you might have about the program.

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