Health and Safety New Zealand

New Zealand has always placed student safety first throughout the years it has hosted international students. It has been ranked as the 3rd Most Peaceful Country in the Global Peace Index. Crimes rates are lower here compared to other countries. This allows you to focus on your studies and become peacefully happy with everything New Zealand has to offer.

International students’ health and safety New Zealand gives it importance and protects the rights of these students. The country has a lot of organisations and emergency networks that will be easily contacted by a student in case of emergencies. New Zealand will definitely take care of you while you are studying in the country.

The country’s education providers must abide by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students, which stresses the importance of the maintenance of student safety on campus. Educators in New Zealand are required to register for and uphold the Code, while the government keeps a record of every teacher on the list. You can really see how the government sets the bar for quality security for its international students.

Also, the code extends its reach outside of the campus. Student safety is respected by the locals. New Zealand’s community is diverse, easy-going, and appreciative of other people’s culture. The locals are warm and a welcoming bunch so there’s no need to worry.

You can also take advantage of the country’s landscapes and surrounding. To improve your health and safety, New Zealand offers a great and safe outdoor experience for international students, giving you the opportunity to improve your lifestyle. Native bush reserves with tracks for walking and cycling are sprinkled all over cities and towns. There are also parks, sports clubs, and swimming pools you may utilise while you are studying. New Zealand is also known for its clean and refreshing surroundings that will help you think clearly and do some good to your body.

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