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Student Services

Student Service

Our qualified and highly trained counsellors, provide you the extensive professional and personal guidance with every aspect of the foreign education to secure admission to a dream college or university of your choice and one which is best suited for your qualifications by assessing each case thoroughly.

Our extensive experience in dealing with prospective international students will ensure that you make the right decision at the right time and will keep you updated with the process until the result is obtained.

We are one stop destination for all kinds of student services. We make sure we provide our students from counseling, admission in a course to visa assistance and much more. We provide guaranteed scholarship to all our students!

We not only help you obtain CoE, but also with visa application, travel arrangements, accommodation arrangements if required and post study completion we also help you to get professional Internship into your study areas.

How can we help?

Having assisted 2000 plus students, we will provide you the detailed information of the complete procedure for your student visa application and outcome probability.

  • We begin with a free counseling session
  • Our counselors then provide you the comprehensive and accurate information regarding the various study options and courses in Australia
  • Then they help you identify the best institutions to suit your study requirements
  • The students will also be advised on matters pertaining to the entry requirements for various levels of courses to assist with course applications
  • You will also be advised about any educational issues which will be of any concerns to you as international student

Half the battle is won, when you are clear what to do?

We will help you make sound educational and financial decisions. Considering various factors contributing to your career development such as interests, abilities, values, circumstances and budget our qualified agents will guide you for every single step. With their years of experience in student visa applications and numerous successful placements as they often come across the questions and process that you will be going through for the first time will minimize your efforts and you can relax while our consultant will be taking care of the needed procedure.

Isa migration deals with prestigious CRICOS registered universities and colleges and can assist you with the following:

  • Assist you to select the most appropriate course
  • Identify your needs and apply in Australian college or University by understanding your professional aim
  • Finding the most suitable institution according to your course selection and study needs
  • We will arrange for the best and top most institution across Australia on your behalf
  • We will make sure to obtain the enrolment confirmation from the institution you decide for your further education
  • We also arrange enrolment in NAATI, PYP, and IELTS and PTE coaching (Designed by immigration of Australia specifically for onshore students only)
  • We also assist students with quality coaching services to master English language
  • Providing tips on mock interviews
  • Compiling and submitting visa applications to the relevant immigration authorities. EA

This visa lets you stay in Australia for a maximum period of five years with a motive of studying full-time at an Australian educational institution. Our expertise agents will help you with the following:

  • Assist you with the entire procedure and will provide you the tips to acquire visa successfully
  • Advise you to prepare and submit student visa application
  • Help you understand the student visa requirements
  • Guide you to understand and meet the most important criteria to obtain student visa, which is Genuine Temporary Entrant criteria
  • Provide you the tips on mock interviews.
  • Assisting students with medical examination and submission of passport for issue of visa

You will need to apply for a student visa extension if you either wish to continue your studies or need extra time to finish your primary course as you were not able to finish before the visa expiry. Below is the list with which our qualified consultants will guide you through:

  • Obtain a further CoE
  • Health insurance extension until your new student visa will be valid for
  • Prepare the specific documentation such as CoE, valid passport, health cover policy GTE etc
  • Lodge further student visa application to department of home affairs (DHA)

We ensure that you are well versed with all the required information that you probably need to choose the most appropriate health cover according to your personal needs while in Australia. Here is the important information you may need regarding the insurance

  • Australian immigration has designed OSHC (Overseas Students Health Cover) for international students and is mandatory to get one to be eligible contender
  • It covers the medical costs that international students might require during their stay in Australia.
  • It also covers most of the prescribed drugs and emergency ambulance services
  • You need a health cover for the complete duration of your student visa

Our internship program will come into the picture once you complete your studies as an international student. This program will help you explore career opportunities and will help in numerous ways.

  • To acquire the local working experience.
  • It will enhance your skills and will be able to understand the work culture of Australia
  • Will increase your employment opportunities
  • This will help you utilize your theoretical knowledge to be utilized practically
  • Will be an additional benefit to acquire managerial post
  • Help you develop your professional network

Do you wish to change the course or the course provider? To make a right choice about your career and the path you take is critical for your future. When you are in Australia on a student visa and you have already made a choice you are not happy about or it’s not working for you, we can help you with that.

Once you have enrolled in the courses and you have started your study it is not that easy and simple to change the course or your course provider in Australia. There are some rules you need to comply with. Our qualified education agents understand the complexity and know the compliance needed with your student visa and course change process. We will make it easy for you to go through the process with no hassle and help you in a way that you change the course or provider and not breach with you student visa conditions.

Would you like a guaranteed scholarship?

We deal with international students on a daily basis, and we understand that scholarship is a big help when you are trying to meet your expenses of visa, living away from your home and family, health insurance and more. With ISA Migrations you are guaranteed the scholarship against the specified course fees by the course providers.

The amount differs based on the course level and the course provider, but we make sure you don’t have to pay the full fees mentioned by the course provider.

Our consultants will provide you complete information to support a smooth transition overseas from your home country. With their extensive knowledge gained from the existing students they will guide you thoroughly.

  • They will provide information regarding mobile phones and internet providers
  • Information in respect to the banking services
  • Accommodation and transportation availability
  • Information concerning work i.e. weekly hours and opportunities
  • We will simplify your efforts by advice, care and necessary information
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