Double Your Happiness With These 5 Immigration Changes in Australia

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Double Your Happiness With These 5 Immigration Changes in Australia

There is something surprising for those of you who want to get visa this year as the New Year has brought many changes in the immigration processes. Nothing to bother about, the changes will definitely benefit you in many ways.

After the continuous discussion among the Australian Visa authorities, five important changes have been created. Have a look at them-

Parent Visa Australia

There is great news for you if you are planning to call your parents’ home this year as now the approval of Parent Visa Australia will be valid up to approximately five years. You can avoid the headache of renewing the parent visa frequently. Well, the cost for this will be up to $10, 000. This process is applicable for those who have a permanent residency in Australia that is for those individuals who have Australian citizenship.

Employer-sponsored Migrants will now be paid the necessary wages

The department of home affairs is now in a partnership with ATO to provide the required wages for the employer-sponsored migrants. The department will take care of the individuals who are not getting the required monthly wages. This process is for those individuals who hold a 457/482 TSS visa. The tax records will be matched with the total salary the employer-sponsored migrants are currently receiving.

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Students pay Attention!

This year you don’t have to worry about your academic fees as you will be provided with student funds for about $20,000. Each student will receive an amount of $3000 for the purpose of education. This process will help most of you as you can focus only on studies rather thinking about arranging course fees.

Partner Visa Australia

For getting a Partner Visa Australia, now you have to go through the stringent process where your character and other factors will be checked by the visa authorities. This process came into action due to the bill passed regarding family violence. This bill is helpful for those who suffer violence in their families.

Make your start-up easy with a visa for South Australia

Being an entrepreneur I know it’s difficult to get a visa for your start-up in South Australia, thus, this process will help you to get the visa quickly and easily. You will not have to give funds for getting the visa, you have to simply place your product idea in front of the visa authorities. If your idea seems to be useful then your visa will get selected.

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