Waiting Time For Australian Citizenship Drops and Approvals Got Double

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Waiting Time For Australian Citizenship Drops and Approvals Got Double

The quantity of transients granted Australian citizenship has multiplied compared to last year and the holding up time has dropped by the Department of Home Affairs. The most recent figures discharged by the department reveal the waiting time for Australian citizenship has dropped by 10%.

The meantime from lodgement to citizenship service (by conferral) has dropped for 75 percent of applications from 20 months to 18month. For 90 percent of application, however, it stays unaltered at 23 months.

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There is no greater advantage than Australian citizenship. The Australian department takes its responsibilities to effectively and efficiently process application within the law very seriously. The Department attributed the reduction in waiting time to a scope of reform actualized to streamline the procedure.

When we observe closely, it has been found so that the approval in the number of Australian citizens has been doubled in a year from that of 1 July 2018 to 30 April 2019. Keeping along the National Security and program integrity, it has been followed due to implementation of a wider range of reforms which look forward to streamlining more and more of the Departmental Processes.

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A representative for the Department said with a high level of focus on the Australian Citizenship program, the range of applications ready and waiting for a result is expected to continue to reduce. “The Department is setting a high level of focus on the Australian Citizenship program. “As a result of these measures, the quantity of Citizenship by conferral applications available with the Department is reducing and is expected to continue to reduce.

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