Apply For Global Special Humanitarian Subclass 202 Australia

Global Special Humanitarian (subclass 202)

Global Special Humanitarian Visa Subclass 202 allows the individuals to stay and work in Australia. It is a permanent visa.
The applicants can sponsor their family members for permanent residence in Australia. They must possess the Resident Return Visa if they want to travel out of Australia after the humanitarian visa has been granted.

Applicants can apply for the humanitarian visa subclass 202 under below conditions:

  • Live out of Australia
  • Live outside their country
  • Proposed by an individual or organization in Australia
  • Suffer from discrimination resulting in the violation of human rights

The humanitarian visa allows you to

  • Live in Australia permanent
  • Study and work in Australia
  • Register for Medicare (healthcare) and make use of its benefits
  • Obtain social security payments
  • Participate in English Language classes
  • Apply for the Australian citizenship (after you have spent 4 years in Australia)
  • Sponsor family members for permanent residence in Australia

The applicants must not have any outstanding debts to the Australian government. In case if there any debts, they must be cleared prior to visa application.

The candidates must fulfil the health requirements. Candidates can avail the benefit of health waiver if they have some cogent state of affairs.

A police clearance certificate from the country where the applicant has lived for a year or more ever since he/she has turned 16 must be presented. The applicant must have a good code of conduct without any participation in unscrupulous activities.

Individuals who want to apply must be proposed by an eligible proposer in Australia. The proposer can be Australian permanent resident or Australian citizen.

You must present following compelling reasons in support of your visa application

  • Degree of discrimination
  • Resettlement Options
  • Links or connections in Australia

All the above compelling reasons are assessed by the decision maker to frame the decision of visa grant.

Can I apply for the visa when inside Australia?

No, you cannot apply for the visa if you are in Australia. You must be away from Australia if you want to apply for the humanitarian visa subclass 202 and at the time visa is granted.

What is the application charge for the visa?

There is no application charge for the humanitarian visa. If your visa is approved, you have to pay the travel costs.

Note: If your family members accompany you to Australia on this visa, you can get financial assistance. The IOM (International Organization for Migration) offers No-interest Loan Scheme which lends 75% of travel costs, arranges travel bookings and necessary support at the time of travel.

Do I need to report changes in circumstances?

Yes, you must intimate the changes in your circumstances such as birth, death, marriage, divorce, separation and other cases.

Can I include family members in my visa application?

Yes, you can include family members such as your partner, dependent relatives, your children and your partner’s children.

Provided information should not be taken as exhaustive, additional requirements for the visa do apply. Visa requirements may differ as per individual circumstances. For your eligibility assessment visit one of our qualified professionals.

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