Temporary Graduate Visa: Your Key to Advanced Studies

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Temporary Graduate Visa: Your Key to Advanced Studies

Are you an international student who just completed a course in one of the schools in Australia and you wish to stay in the country to further your studies? It is so possible! However, you must obtain the Temporary Graduate Visa first. This is also known as the Visa Subclass 485 and it is designed intentionally to help the international graduate students to achieve advanced studies. Additionally, the visa will allow you to obtain temporary employment in Australia, as well, after the completion of studies.

Important Facts About Getting The Temporary Graduate Visa

You can get the Graduate Visa 485 if you are aged below 50 years old and are holding an eligible visa. More so, if you have attained the latest qualification in a CRICOS-registered course you are also entitled to get the visa. When you apply for the qualification, it is important to know that it must be related to the job on the list considered as a Graduate Work stream or skilled occupation, or you must have attained the stream for Post-Study Work.

This visa type has two streams: the post-study work stream and the graduate work stream. With the last-mentioned stream, if you are a Visa 485 holder, you can stay in Australia for another 18 months. The post-study work stream, on the other hand, will allow you to stay in the country for up to 4 years more provided that you have the said visa.

Other than the latest skilled occupation, other considerations you should take to get the said visa include: settling of fees, having the eligible visa, and under a favourable health condition. You need not worry about the complete list of requirements and other things to get the said visa. That’s what a migration agent Perth is here for—to help you get started with the advancement of your studies. All you need is contact your trusted migration company and it will do the rest of the works.

When searching for an agent, be sure to deal only with the registered one. He will be the one to expertly evaluate your case as to the type of stream you will be qualified for the said visa. The said registered agent is also the same person to assist you with all the required documents. He will be the one to compile all the documents into one valid file to help you get organised.

Are you ready to take your studies to the next level and work after completing your course? Contact your trusted migration organisation now and start preparing for your promising future. Share this article and invite your fellow international students in Australia and together get ready for a brighter future.

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