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Study abroad & Overseas Education Consultants in Kenya

ISA Migrations is into operation since years and has developed as one of the most reputed and leading Study Abroad Consultants Kenya. We have a dedicated team of qualified migration agents with prowess in the immigration and visa procedures of the countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, UK, Singapore, Germany etc. Our services cater to the needs of all student visa seekers, families, individuals wanting to migrate permanently with a business plan and professionals looking for better career opportunity in these countries.

We offer the best study overseas and immigration services in Kenya and always strive to provide the best possible solution to our clients with their visa needs. ISA Migrations help you to minimize the confusion particularly the challenges (such as document collection and submission of a proper and valid file) that are associated with the process of visa application.

Get in touch with our team of professionals and experts who have been in the migration industry for several years and are seasoned with the latest laws and regulations and manage the entire process that provides a win-win situation to our clients and their immigration needs. In nutshell we deliver quality study abroad and immigration services Kenya by adhering to our professional approach throughout.


Professional year program

It is a Skilled Migration Internship Program, which helps you gain 5 points towards Permanent Residency Application, and enhances your employability in Australian job market.


We help our students gain specialised English language training, such as IELTS, PTE, and SPOKEN ENLISH. We also offer students Internships in their study areas to Enhance Employability in Australian job market.


We are one stop destination for all kinds of Australian visa. Our registered migration agents assess and advice the best visa option for you, and stand by your side till the visa outcome.

Career Counselling

We guide students like you take the right decision at the right time to achieve your educational goals. We help you to choose the best course and stand by your side throughout the process of admission and visa application.


Personalised Services

We believe every client is unique and offer them the solutions which best satisfy their individual needs. We make sure your experience is pleasant with us.

Multilingual Staff

Our clients are at ease when they can communicate in their own language with us and we are able to address their needs understanding their diverse background.


Nothing equals the value of experience! Our team has earned the wealth of experience dealing with different Visa for our diverse cliental.


Each member of our staff is dedicated to providing impeccable services so as to deliver the pleasant experience to every client we serve.

ISA Migrations & Education Consultants

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If you are in Kenya, and you think it is impossible to study in Australia, think again. Through the help of the ISA Migrations, specifically its education consultant in Kenya, you can achieve that Australian education you've always wanted. Start with the process by talking to overseas education consultants in Kenya. They can help you with all the requirements you need to accomplish. The study abroad consultants in Kenya have been more than skilled enough to give you all the information you need to know about studying in Australia. Start your looking for your dream school now and talk to any of ISA Migration's most trusted migration consultants in Kenya.

Why do you study? Certainly, because you want to achieve a flourishing career in the future, right? Well, you can only make this happen if you are taking the right education. Don't settle for any school. Choose the learning institution that will provide you with the best scholastic background you can bring with you as you apply for a job later on. The best way to make this happen is to study abroad. If you are in Kenya, don't think that being an international student in the developed countries like Canada, the U.S., Australia, and UK, among others, is impossible. Through the help of the overseas education consultants in Kenya, you can be in the top college or university in the aforementioned countries (and even more) through the help of the study abroad consultants in Kenya. Still confused and don't know which course to take? Let an education consultant in Kenya help you. He can help you get started with your plan to study abroad. For further assistance, you may also seek assistance from the migration consultants in Kenya.

Are you in search of a migration company that will help you fulfill your dream to study abroad and eventually works there? It doesn't matter even if you are from Kenya. You can still get to your dream school anyway, especially the institution that's located in developed countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and the United Kingdom, among others. ISA Migrations boasts of the skilled overseas education consultants in Kenya. So, if you wish to become an international student, this dependable migration company can fully assist you through its study abroad consultants in Kenya. ISA Migration chooses no nationality. As long as you have the intention and that strong drive to pursue studies abroad, you can always seek the help of an education consultant in Kenya. Begin with your educational journey now and look forward to a bright career later on. Talk to the migration consultants Kenya you trust.

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