Top 15 Best Places to Study Abroad

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Top 15 Best Places to Study Abroad

There are some of the finest places to study abroad. These places have got fantastic culture, nightlife, commerce and academia. These places have got plenty to make your brain cells and social sensors stimulated.

Paris, France

It is one of the finest student cities in the world. It has got the best coveted and admired cultural heritage with a great selection of internationally ranked universities. It has got low tuition fees to offer to the international students. If you want to study in France, then Paris is the finest place to live.

Melbourne, Australia

It is the finest place for the students and has got a great deal to offer to the students and it has got an amazing nightlife, beach life and live music. It is the best internationally ranked university to opt from. To study in Australia, Melbourne is the most idealistic of the destinations for getting higher education.

London, United Kingdom

London has got nineteen representatives in the World University rankings and has got two institutions that are in the top five. There are clubs, restaurants and galleries that you would want and also very wide green spaces and nice culture. London in United Kingdom is the best place to get the education.

Sydney, Australia

It has got a great reputation among the graduate employers. It is a highly popular and a highly multicultural city that is home to five internationally ranked universities. The finest of all the cities in Australia is Sydney as it provides you the finest opportunities for higher education.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a highly densely populated area and has a great concentration of the best internationally ranked universities. It is a rich amalgamation of local traditions and international outlook.

Boston, USA

Boston has got the beauty with the brains. It is near to the two popular universities that are Harvard and MIT. It has got tree lined avenues where there are the popular Fall colours. United States of America is a country that has a huge scope and Boston gives a great opportunity to the students to study abroad.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has got several opportunities for the exploration of traditional Japanese culture. There are several interesting activities like Karaoke to tea ceremonies in Tokyo. Tokyo in Japan offers exciting opportunities to the students from all over the world with good quality education.

Montreal, Canada

Montreal is multicultural and multilingual. It is the most reasonable study destination in the world. Montreal has got the renowned McGill University that is ranked 21st in the QS World University rankings. There is the Montreal international jazz festival and also the world’s biggest comedy festival. Montreal in Canada is the best city that provides all the top notch educational facilities for the students.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and it boosts fashion, arts and foodies scenes. It is the home to the three internationally ranked universities. The University of Toronto is placed above the McGill university in the world rankings. Toronto is yet another amazing destination for the students who want to study in Canada.

Seoul, Korea

Seoul is Asia’s most happening destination. This South Korean capital is reputed for its great energy and non-stop activity. It has got a blend of grand palaces and towering skyscrapers. Some of the students might be interested to be know that it is home to fourteen internationally ranked universities. Seoul is a great South Korean capital that offers a big scope of higher education for the students.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and has got a great deal of diversity to it than expected. It has got art galleries to street art. It is the natural backdrop in Zurich. You may view the amazing view of the Alps and also the lake that has the name of the city. Zurich, Switzerland is an awesome city that provides the finest education for the students.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver has got mountains, coast and city life. The University of British Columbia’s campus is green and coastal. The Simon Fraser University is located in the middle of the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area. It is about 20 km outside the city. It is quite appealing to the snow sports lovers. Vancouver in Canada has got affordable cost of living for the students and high quality of higher education.

San Francisco, USA

San Francisco has got a mixture of creativity and has got a fantastic beach life. It is a home of hippie counterculture and also liberal activism. It is the leading financial center of the world. It is best liked places for the young graduates to live. The Stanford University has got the rank of 7th in the world and the University of California is 27th in the world. San Francisco in America is a reputed place for higher education.

Munich, Germany

This is Germany’s third largest city and is in the top fifteen. Munich provides you the opportunities to explore the conventional Bavarian culture along with a nicely developed and high tech metropolis. The German education system is marvelous with Munich providing the finest education for the foreign students.


It is a densely populated nation and is referred to as the “Asian Tiger”. It is popular for its higher education. There are two leading universities like the National University of Singapore which is ranked 22nd and the Nanyang Technological University which is ranked 39th in the world. Singapore is highly competitive and corporate. It is multicultural and is full of great surprises.

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