Bridging Visa E (subclass 050 & 051) Australia From India | Apply for Bridging Visa E (subclass 050 & 051)

Bridging Visa E (subclass 050 & 051)

You need a Bridging Visa E (subclass 050 & 051) to continue living in Australia
while your substantive visa application is in process and you are waiting for approval on same by the immigration. It is very much important to conclude on your immigration matter or leave Australia once this visa gets over as it a temporary visa.

An individual can apply for the Bridging Visa E (subclass 050) if any of the mentioned below is applicable to him:

  • You are an unlawful or non-citizen, a BVE (subclass 050) or BVD (subclass 041) holder and;
  • he is making arrangements to leave Australia
  • he is applying for a substantive visa

One might be granted the subclass 051 if all the requirements mentioned below are met:

  • he was refused immigration clearance or bypassed immigration clearance within 45 days
  • he is in immigration detention

The Bridging Visa E lets one stay in Australia if his substantive visa ends and is waiting for an immigration decision or making arrangements to leave the country. This visa does not permit one though, to return to Australia if he decides to leave. Additionally, a BVE lets one stay lawfully in this country for a short time. It will immediately end upon leaving Australia. Once he leaves the country, he can no longer go back unless he has another substantive visa.

To obtain a Bridging visa Australia subclass 050 an applicant must:

  • Has applied for a substantive visa to live in Australia
  • Be in quest of merits or judicial review of a decision for visa, or decision for citizenship
  • he is in seeking ministerial intervention

To obtain the subclass 051 visa he/ she should:

  • Apply for a protection visa
  • he meets other specific requirements that are age, health or nomination-related or meets the further subclass 051 requirements
Can I include my family members in bridging visa application?

Yes, you may include your partner, child, step-child, or partner’s child or step-child in your visa application. It is important to note that each family member will have to meet their separate Bridging visa requirements to be eligible

Can I apply for bridging visa from my home country?

No, an applicant is entitled to apply for this Bridging visa Australia only if they are in Australia when the lodgment of application is made and to get the grant.

What are the other things to keep in mind while applying for bridging visa?

Every individual applying for Bridging visa should abide by the Australian laws and visa conditions otherwise at any given point found breaching the countries’ rules your visa will be canceled.

Provided information should not be taken as exhaustive, additional requirements for the visa do apply. Visa requirements may differ as per individual circumstances. For your eligibility assessment visit one of our qualified professionals.

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