Cost of living in France | Living Cost in Australia for India Students

Cost of living in France

Cost of living in France

The amount you spend depends mostly on the lifestyle of an individual

One has to keep many aspects in mind when taking a decision to go to college in France. In case you are an international student in France, the French laws will allow you to work on a part-time basis while you study in France.

  • The government needs that you are able to support yourself when you attend the college. It is pivotal that you possess the money that is required.
  • In case you are international student, the French laws enable you to work on a part time basis for at least twenty hours a week.
  • The cost of living in France includes utilities, rent, mobile phone and toiletries like soap, shampoo, conditioner and other facial care products.
  • One requires a substantial amount of money to attend to the college in the country.

To give you an overview of how much you'll spend here monthly here are cost for running life basis two people:

Gas for stove � 55
Electricity � 45
Monthly telephone Bills � 20
Unleaded gas super (97 per liter) � 1.41
Diesel � 1.35
Broadband Internet fee � 30
Cable TV � 35
Movie Tickets � 18
Lunch with wine � 30
Total � 235.76

The cost of living in France for international students is quite affordable. Contact us directly for more details.

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