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Tuition Fees Cyprus

Tuition Fees Cyprus

Living in Cyprus as an international student is quite affordable. Cyprus universities aim at providing students with such a support that help them improve academic capabilities by assisting to improvise skills and talents as promising individuals of the future.

For international student's education cost differs on the choice of study course and the institution. For the Bachelor undergraduate degree cost is around 3500 Euros a year except the pharmacy courses which goes up to 7000 Euros annually.

For the Master's degree or PHD course fees varies between 2000 and 2500 Euros.

Cyprus International University also offer scholarships to international students to enable them to pursue their dream course without worrying about the cost.

However, scholarships are not provided for all programs. For instance:

  • The Pharmacy faculty provides scholarship only for PharmD.
  • The Health Sciences institutions does not provide scholarships for all their programs.
  • The Sciences faculty offers scholarships except for social work and nursing.
  • There are no scholarships available in Law stream
  • The Tourism and Hotel Management institutions provides no scholarship.
  • There are no scholarships for hair and beauty services in vocational stream
  • In Engineering courses no scholarships are given to the Psychology students

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