How to Find a Reliable Migration Agent Perth

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How to Find a Reliable Migration Agent Perth

Australia attracts many immigrants and students every year. This is because it has a lot of opportunities for immigrants and is one of the best countries that provide high quality education. However, acquiring a visa can be quite difficult if you do not know what documents to prepare in your application. While some people can still process their visa on their own, it’s still a challenge for those who don’t know Australia’s migration rules.

Here’s where a migration agent Perth can help. Migration agents can provide you with immigration advice and assistance for immigrants who wish to live in Australia. They can also assist you with your application process on your behalf. Here are some qualities that you should look for when choosing a migration agent.

Qualities of a Reliable Migration Agent Perth

1. They should be approved by MARA

Migration agents should be registered in Migration Agents Registration Authority or MARA. They are the only people who are qualified to give immigration advice and can manage your visa applications. MARA is a government office that is in charge of regulating Australia’s migration advice industry. MARA provides all their migration agents with a registration number. Be sure to ask your agent for their MARA number and have it verified before taking any further agreements or consultations.

2. They should have legit contact details and an office

Your personal documents or all documents they possess from their clients should always be in a secure location. Any migration company or agent must have a registered office address with clear contact details. You can then easily verify it be searching for their location and ensure that they have previous clients.

3. They will make no guarantees

A Migration agent should never be able to guarantee that you will get a tourist visa, or an Australian study visa. Their promise should give you provide you with the process and assistance they can offer for your visa application. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection or DIBP is the only one that has the ability to issue your Australian visa. If your agent claims that they have connections with the DIBP and can ensure you a visa, then that should be a sign for you to find a different migration agent.

4. They should offer reasonable prices

MARA has a specific range of prices that their migration agents should uphold. If you have an agent that offers additional prices to fast-track the application process, then that is another sign. You should always remember that applying for a visa takes time and doesn’t get approved overnight.

Apply for Your Australian Student Visa

Now that you know what qualities you should look for in a migration agent. If you are planning to study in Australia, then you should definitely seek the aid of a migration agent. Not only will they be able to help you with your application process, they can also help manage your time. This means that you don’t have to always go through the visa application process yourself, and that you will have someone to do that on your behalf.

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