The Facts About the Education System in Canada

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The Facts About the Education System in Canada

The education system in Canada is truly outstanding and has been praised by many for a very long time. Canada is one of the world’s top education performers and it has been among the top three Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries when it comes to per capita spending on public postsecondary education. This means that students score high on international tests if they are educated in Canada. This reflects the dedication of each jurisdiction towards the quality of the country’s education system.

The country’s post-secondary education is administered by provincial and territorial governments. There are laws, policies, and procedures that govern the operation of post-secondary institutions within provinces. There are similarities between the basic structures of territorial and provincial education systems throughout Canada. There are three tiers in the education system in the country: elementary, secondary, and post-secondary. Ultimately, the Canadian government provides free elementary and secondary schooling for Canadian students.

Every single jurisdiction has been given the power of its own quality assurance mechanisms, which are used to guarantee the quality of the country’s wide range of post-secondary institutions. This helps ensure the academic performance and qualifications of Canadian schools and for them to be valued internationally. Thus, it makes Canada one of the educational power houses in the world.

If you decide to pursue a study abroad experience, choosing to study in Canada will be beneficial for you because of its globally renowned quality. There are so many options available for you. You can choose to enter the university lifestyle with its spacious classrooms and diverse selection of courses. Or you can enter college with an interactive learning and professionally oriented environment. You can also opt for vocational education and training (VET) programs which are aimed at a specific field of study and are less theoretical by nature.

To further convince you in pursuing your international education in Canada, here are some fun facts about its education system. Four Canadian universities were included in the top 100 of the Shanghai World University Rankings. The Financial Times Ranked 5 MBA schools in Canada in their top 100 list. Canadian students are top performers in reading, literacy, math and science, and number 1 among English-speaking countries, according to the OECD Program for International Student Assessment (PISA).

If you have questions regarding the education in Canada and how it works, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you with your needs.

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