Top 10 Best Universities in Australia

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Top 10 Best Universities in Australia

It is a dream for every student to study in Australia. When it is regarding the world university rankings, Australia has got an efficient track record. Australia ranks highly for education quality, satisfaction of the students and worldwide reputation. The universities in Australia are in the 100 ranked universities in the world. Australia has gained top university rankings in the world. Australia provides you world class education for a great future. Australia is a famous study destination for several reasons.

There are many universities in Australia that are ranked among the finest in the world. Here are some of the topmost universities in Australia that are the best in the world:

Australian National University: This university is ranked first in Australia and is 22nd in the world. This university is located in Canberra which is the capital of the country. This university is home to 22,500 students.

University of Melbourne: It is the second oldest university in Australia. This university has been associated with 9 Nobel Laureates. This university is a leader in innovation and research. It is a top university for studies in engineering, medicine and social sciences.

University of Sydney: This university is ranked third among the Australian universities and it ranks 46th in the world. The University of Sydney is the first university in Australia and was found in the year 1850. It specializes in the field of education, law, medicine, finance and accounting. The students may enjoy a wide range of facilities in this university. This university provides great research excellence and has got seventy-five research centers.

University of New South Wales: The university of New South Wales is ranked 49th in the world. This university has produced many millionaires in comparison to any other university. This university has got great reputation in business and is the top provider in MBA education.

University of Queensland: This university is ranked 51st in the world. It is located in the state capital of Brisbane. This university is famous for the research innovations that includes the vaccines to help in the prevention of cervical cancer. It ranks high in the world because of its strong research in the areas of technology and science.

Monash University: This university is located in Melbourne. It is named after the Australian General Sir John Monash. Nearly 70,070 students have enrolled in this university out of which 26,200 students are from outside Australia. It is ranked as the finest university in the nation for technology and engineering.

University of Western Australia: This university is located in Perth. Its ranking is 102nd in the world. The campus of this university is known for its amazing beauty. This university is reputed for being awesome in arenas of agricultural sciences, psychology, education and marine sciences. This university has got three major campuses where the students may utilize the facilities that range from theatres to laboratories and a medical center.

University of Adelaide: This university is ranked 125th in the world. This university is the third oldest of the Australian universities and has got the campuses all through the state of South Australia. It has various fields like engineering, environmental sciences, chemical, physical and earth sciences.

University of Technology, Sydney: The University of Technology, Sydney is ranked 193rd in the world. It is a group of five Australian universities with a culture of working in association with the industry. The students will immensely benefit from the innovative education that is relevant to the industry in the global city of Sydney. The courses in this university are reputed for their great practice based approach. They have a broad range of professional associations and also the governing bodies.

University of Wollongong: This university is located in the coastal city of Wollongong in New South Wales. It has got 32,200 students that are presently enrolled. The University of Wollongong is ranked as the top 2 percent of the world universities. The degrees you get in this university will help you accomplish your objectives and the approach is student focused.

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