Obtain The Prospective Spouse Visa And Marry Your Partner in Australia

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Obtain The Prospective Spouse Visa And Marry Your Partner in Australia

Are you intending to take your partner to Australia to marry her here? Then she should obtain the Prospective Spouse Visa. This particular visa is for those planning to go to Australia for marriage purpose. It is also known as a temporary visa, valid for nine months and starts in the date of grant of the visa. For the applicant to be able to apply, he or she should come from outside of Australia when he lodges his application for the said visa type.

The Thing You Need To Know About The Prospective Spouse Visa

Once this temporary visa, also known as the Subclass 300, has been granted, the visa owner can already enter Australia. And Once he sets foot in this country, he can get married to his partner while his visa lasts. It is important to know that once married, you must have your spouse lodge an application for Partner Visa also called the Subclass 820 and 801. The said visa is what you need if you want to stay in Australia permanently after marriage.

The partner visa Australia offers is suitable for individuals who want to enter the country prior to their marriage with their spouse. With the said temporary visa you can travel in, and outside Australia as frequently as needed, or even study or work in this country as long as the visa is still within the validity period. More so, when acquiring the tertiary studies, you won’t have the privilege to receive government funding.

Australia is one of the most progressive countries of the world. That is why opting to marry your partner and stay here for good is a wise move. You may contact your trusted visa specialist to know your options. He will also tell you what to do from the very start of your planning. Indeed, this partner visa is worth spending for. For more than 6,865AUD, you can get your key or access to a brighter future a developed country many people across the globe would love to work and even live permanently in.

Now is the best time to plan your future with your spouse in Australia. Talk to a migration agent now and start fulfilling your Australian dream with your partner. Share this article with the people you know, who are planning to get married in Australia and together, succeed here not just as career people but as families, respectively, as well.

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