Top 3 Warning Signs of Bad Education Agents

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Top 3 Warning Signs of Bad Education Agents

Honesty is the best policy. That’s one of the oldest adages of the world and majority of education consultants Australia abide by it wholeheartedly. In fact it is one of their sole missions is to provide honest and truthful representation of their services. However, there are those “education agents” that don’t have the nicest of intentions and you have to be wary of these individuals.

How To Detect Bad Education Agents

If you want to study in Australia, you need to hire a professional and well-meaning agent that will be right by your side throughout the process. There are certain red flags to note if your potential education agents aren’t what they seem. These can be difficult to be identified in action but it might help you to have the information in order to be able to have a better sense of the situation. The marks of an dishonest education agent are:

No. 1: They direct the student into a specific course where it is financially favourable for them. This is a very subtle warning that most students are not able to discern because ordinarily you wouldn’t be able to know the details of the amount they are making off of a transaction. The best way you will be able to know this is to look for subtle cues in their body language and tone of voice.

When you have a conversation about the course and the school try to see if they have disconcerting expressions such as an unnatural enthusiasm over the said school. If you find that the agent is pushing you to select a certain school then consider that they might not be as honest as they appear to be.

No. 2: Gives the wrong information about an institution course of study. If you ever encountered an agent providing information that doesn’t sound right to you or you eventually find out that it is untrue, then you need to stop working with him or her immediately.

Giving off misleading information about the institution or the course is a direct violation of the education agent code of ethic. Agents shouldn’t have a specific bias over a school or program, which is why it is best to always check the institution you want to enter or are considering before or after you had a conversation to validate his or her claims.

No. 3: Filing of any visas or school application with dishonest information. It is important to note that only a migration agent can process your visa application and education agents are only there to assist student in regards to school application and information about the visa application.

Those are three grave warning signs when interacting with a dishonest education agent. Keep these in mind when you are looking for schools to attend to or applying for an Australian student visa to help you protect yourself from it and for you to be able to hire those with good intentions.

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