The demand for overseas education has escalated in recent years, thanks to the growing number of overseas education consultants who provide the much-needed timely assistance to prospective students aiming to cross the ocean. Countries like Australia and Canada have turned out to be major draws amongst students aspiring to make it big in the international circuit.

As a reputed education consultant, we bring you an array of programs and training modules which can advance your plans and land you in your desirable institute abroad. We are a fully recognized and certified consultant with a sizeable pool of teachers, advisors, trainers and coaches. We are in operation since a number of years and have been instrumental in helping students land in some of the biggest educational institutes.

But before we furnish more information and tips, let us throw a quick glance at the reasons why you should study in Canada or study in Australia:

Better research: International institutions are noted for strong research programs and facilities. It is this avenue that separates them from the majority of Indian institutes.
Greater exposure: It goes without saying that students get higher exposure in an overseas institute than they do at a domestic one.
More rewarding career: Eventually, an international program facilitates a career that is more rewarding both in terms of finance and in terms of growth.
Atmosphere: Studying at some of the most prominent places is a much sought-after affair due to the charming atmosphere and the prospect of engaging in a cosmopolitan ambience.

However, even though the lure of studying abroad seems too tempting to resist, its difficulties need to be noted. One of the biggest hurdles on your path is competition. A stiff competition implies that you would need to sit for multiple entrance exam tests, brush up your English, upgrade your GRE score and study meticulously and diligently.

As one of the leading immigrant consultants, we can help you with sound advice on IELTS Coaching, GRE preparation, GMAT preparation and TOEFL preparation. At the same time, we can help you join an English speaking course so that you are exam-ready for your big day.

Before you brood over the matter, do remember that the usual hassles can be overcome easily. Applying for immigration and visa is no big deal in today’s fast-paced life. Besides, there are professionals like us who can help you in no time. In addition, the cost of studying is manageable since scholarship and education loans are always there for the taking. We, as pioneer study abroad consultants, can see to it that such obstacles can be surmounted at the earliest time possible and without any greater expense than deemed necessary.

Every year, we receive applications in an overwhelming number from students eager to travel abroad. It is understood very well that the job of an education consultant is to clear the path of hurdles and to help young minds reach out to better places for a more fruitful career and life ahead.

But questions and queries are bound to swim in the mind of any prospective student. We receive hundreds of queries every season in regards to eligibility criteria, stream or degree, country, language, reasons for studying abroad, benefits thereof, semester system and duration, procedure of enrolment, etc.

We try our best to help everybody to the best of our abilities. At the same time, we invest our time and effort in doing the relevant paperwork for our clients.

In a nutshell, as one of the most dependable overseas education consultants, we can

  • Help you with the right advice and guidance
  • Offer tips about institute, stream, language, semester
  • Explain the eligibility criteria and pattern
  • Get you in touch with coaching institutes
  • Help you exam-ready
  • Help with speedy paper work and other document-related job
  • Arrange for immigration in the quickest time possible

We, as a zealous and committed education consultant, invite you to send your queries or seek direct assistance in relation to counselling, migration, VISA and coaching. As the top-notch education agent, we enjoy strong professional connections with universities around the world (including Singapore, New Zealand, Canada and Australia) and can certainly make your dreams come true.

With ISA Migrations, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're always in good, capable hands.

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