Be With Your Child in Australia for Good Through Child Migration

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Be With Your Child in Australia for Good Through Child Migration

Are you staying in Australia but your kids are staying in another country? Here’s the good news. Your child can now legally go to or live in Australia through Child Migration so long that he meets certain requirements and these include the acquisition of a Child Visa. This kind of visa is offered to a young individual who is independent, orphaned, or adopted child of an Australian citizen, eligible New Zealand citizen, or a permanent resident of Australia. This permanent visa for your child has three different types and these are the orphan relative visa, the adoption visa, and the child visa. In connection with this, there is just one kind of temporary child visa and this is the dependent child visa. You can apply for such a visa through both onshore and offshore.

What You Need To Do When Going Through The Child Migration Process

Going through the process is not an easy task but it is indeed, possible. If you are an adult and you wish to take your child to Australia and have him stay here need to know the things to do and consider when obtaining the visa. First, it is important that you are aware of the age requirement. Your child should be below 25 years of age to obtain the visa. If he is 18 years old, or just a little over that age, he needs to be dependent on you as the sponsoring parent, and a full-time student.

Whether it is an onshore or offshore visa, it is still considered a permanent visa that will let your child under 25 years of age, stay in Australia with you. You then, as a parent, must sponsor the young individual, who can apply as well, for the said visa, on behalf of the child. This visa will let your child live in Australia permanently. It also gives him the privilege of traveling to, and from Australia, for a five-year period from the day, his visa has been granted.

This permanent visa you’re getting for your child as a part of the migration process falls under the Family Visa in Australia category. It is essential to know and keep in mind you, the sponsor, should be over 18 years old and be a permanent resident of Australia, a holder of a permanent visa, a citizen of Australia, or an eligible New Zealand citizen. Have you finally decided to be with your child in Australia for good but you don’t know how to get started with the process yet? Contact your trusted migration agent now and let him help you obtain this.

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