Things to keep in mind while migrating to an Australian regional area

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Things to keep in mind while migrating to an Australian regional area

Migrating to the Australia’s regional area is getting more popular these days among a number prospective Employer Nominated Scheme (ENS), the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) and the State Sponsored Skilled Migration visa applicants. The reason behind this interest is the higher chances of becoming an Australian permanent resident as states like ACT and Tasmania whole-heartedly welcome the applicants of Skilled Regional Visa 489 and Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 to address the skilledlabour shortage and fulfill the gap. Hence for the other categories of visas it will get tough to secure permanent residency.

The candidates living in Australia on a Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 and are invited should consider settling in regional areas that offer state sponsorship if they want to continue living in the country and have a dream to settle here permanently. Australian immigration authority has specially designed these visas to outsource the genuinely skilled workers as they were unable to fill the gap through local source.

Employer Nominated Scheme and the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visas are only applicable to the applicants who have obtained at least 3 years of full-time working experience. Among these two categories the Skilled Occupation List of RSMS visa is broader as compared to the ENS visa. Besides everybody in hoping for changes in Temporary Shortage Visa and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visas due to the constant pressure of the Australian organization subject to shortage of skilled professionals and labour shortage.

The reason these organizational bodies emphasize on outsourcing the skilled workers is that the new entrants are not only young and talented but also have flair to work efficiently in the regional Australian areas for the country as well as self-well-being.

The international students must be more focused on enhancing their English language and working skills in their field to secure more points for point-based permanent residency.

Due the continual changes in immigration laws which is also getting harder the competition among the skilled visa applicants is known to all of us hence international students who recently entered in Australia for further education with a dream of settling in the country must improve their English speaking/writing skills and local work experience to get preference over the offshore applicants of migration visas. They more chances of success if they choose regional areas to settle down.

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