Benefits of Getting an Australian Citizenship

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Benefits of Getting an Australian Citizenship

Acquiring an Australian citizenship is the best achievement of any migration story. Becoming an Australian citizen means you are committing yourself to Australia and what the country stands for. Reaching this goal allows you to say that you are an Australian and is a privilege that offers many benefits to those who are able to get it.

Benefits of Having an Australian Citizenship

Permanent residents in Australia can enrol in a university as a domestic student. This means that tuition fees will be lower than international students and have access to HELP. HELP is the federal government’s Higher Education Loan Program and citizens will be given this loan in order to help pay for their tuition fees. Once you have a stable job and is earning enough, then you can slowly repay your debt.

If you have kids that are born overseas, you can turn your child to be an Australian citizen by decent. This will allow your child to have all the benefits and the same rights as a natural born child in Australia. This again is beneficial if you wish to send your children in high education schools in Australia with a low cost.

You will also be eligible to get an Australian passport. An Australian passport can get you into 170 countries without a visa, which makes it one of the best passports to travel on. As an Australian citizen, you will also have the right to move to New Zealand permanently if you wish.

You will also be able to join the Australian Defence Force, since the Australian army requires all recruits to be Australian citizens. Permanent residents can access many public sector jobs in Australia however, there are certain divisions such as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Border Force which requires you to be an Australian citizen.

Begin Your Journey in Acquiring an Australian Citizenship

If you are a student and wish to study in Australia, then this can be a great step into acquiring visas. With the help of a migration agent, you can have a higher success rate in acquiring an Australia student visa. After graduating you will need the agents help again in applying for a permanent residency if you wish to work and stay in Australia.

The General Skilled Migration program is another way for you to get access into Australia. Under the Skillselect program skilled workers can apply for a permanent Australia visa using their qualifications, work experience, and language ability to meet the requirements of the Australian immigration.

Once you’ve acquired a permanent residency, you will need to have this resident status for 4 years and living in Australia for at least 4 years prior to the application. You will also need to meet the satisfying the character requirements. These are the main requirements to be eligible for an Australian citizenship and having supporting documents will also be an advantage.

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