What Are The English Requirement For Graduate Visa 485?

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What Are The English Requirement For Graduate Visa 485?

If you are an international student who intends to study further or work in Australia after finishing your study, you must obtain the Temporary Graduate Visa. But when you acquire for this said visa type, requirements, education and skills eligibility, and age are not the only major considerations you should take. The English requirement is equally essential, too.  You cannot get a Temporary Graduate Visa 485 until you sit for an English IELTS or any corresponding examination. And, should you do the said test, you must score an average of 6.0 with 5.0 in every band.

Temporary Graduate Visa

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IELTS as a Requirement for Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485

There are three main purposes for taking the IELTS. One is for migration to countries such as Canada, Australia, UK, and New Zealand. This serves as the applicant’s proof of proficiency in English. Second is for study wherein IELTS is recognised as a proof of English proficiency training and education institutes. The third is for work from which IELTS is a requirement for vocational training and professional registration, from both the professional organisations and employers. Among the fields that require this test are Accounting, Engineering, Law, Aviation, and the Tourism industries.

Specifically for the 485 visa Australia offers, it will help if you undergo an IELTS coaching first to ensure an impressive score after the exams. If this is your first time to encounter the term, IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. This kind of test assesses one’s proficiency in the English language. IELTS gauges the competency in English of a person who desires to study and eventually work in the countries where English is the way of communication and these include Australia.

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Minimum English Language Test Requirement:

Test Name Speaking Listening Reading Writing Overall Total
IELTS 5 5 5 5 6
TOEFL iBT 14 4 4 14 64
PTE Academic 36 36 36 36 50
C1 Advanced test 154 154 154 154 169

The 485 visa English requirement is mandatory to be followed according to the above-mentioned criteria and different test providers.

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Types of IELTS Tests

Before proceeding with your Temporary Graduate Visa 485 application, it is important that you know too, the types of tests IELTS has as this requirement is as important as the other requirements in the application checklist. IELTS exams come in two types—the IELTS Academic, and the IELTS General Training. You can take the IELTS Academic exam if you wish to apply for higher education or professional registration in an English country like Australia. You are evaluated for certain academic language features to ensure your readiness to an advanced study. Institutes that recognise this test are the ones reinforcing this IELTS type of test.

As for the IELTS General Training Test, you can take this if you are migrating in Australia to gain work experience, enrolling at a training program here, or attending secondary education in an English-speaking environment. This IELTS test aims to measure your survival skills in a working environment. The IELTS has no specific validity period as it is set by organisations according to their purposes. IELTS providers that are recognised usually propose a two-year validity period for the test score.

Indeed, you need to take the IELTS or its equivalent test to get your Subclass 485 and stay longer in Australia to further study and work. As repeatedly mentioned here, this test is an important requirement for you to meet to get the said visa type.  This is the same reason why you must also go through an IELTS coaching first before taking the test. Going through coaching is a convenient choice. First, you get to choose your batch and schedules as there are multiple batches of coaching in one day. Then, you get coached by expert PTE coaches to fulfill 485 PTE requirement. Third, you can practice the test through the program’s in-house practice tests. And lastly, your mentors during the coaching provide you with regular evaluation of your proficiency so you can clarify all your doubts during the entire duration of the course.

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