Get the Australian Business Visa and Expand Your Business in Australia

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Get the Australian Business Visa and Expand Your Business in Australia

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner and you want to expand your business in another country, chose Australia. However, you need to take the Australian Business Visa first. This will make your stay in the country more lawful, not to mention making your business more efficiently operational. There are different kinds of business visas you may choose from. These include the subclass 188, subclass 888, subclass 132, and subclass 405. In the succeeding paragraphs of this article, you’ll learn what each visa can give a business owner and how it can be obtained.

What Australian Business Visa to Obtain

The four types of business visa vary. For example, the provisional visa subclass 188 is for those who are opting to own and manage a new or existing business or planning to invest in Australia. To qualify for this particular business visa program, the territory or state government, or an Australian agency must nominate you. You must receive too, an invitation to apply from the Border Protection and Minister for Immigration.

The next type of visa, the permanent visa subclass 888 is for individuals who wish to continue investing in or owning and managing a business in this country. You will qualify for this visa if you have been nominated by the territory or state government. Aspiring to become a business visa holder requires you to possess the subclass 188, subclass 444, or the subclass 457IE.

The third, the visa subclass 132 will let you establish a new business, or set up an already existing one, in Australia. This visa type has two streams: The Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream and Significant Business History Stream. You will qualify for this visa if you are nominated by the territory government agency or the Australian state. Relatively, you must be invited to apply too, by the minister.

Lastly, the visa subclass 405 is a temporary retired visa is created for retirees who are self-funded and don’t have dependents. It is for retirees too, who wish to spend their remaining years in Australia. To qualify for this type of visa for business, you must at least be 55 years of age, don’t have any dependents other than the spouse, must meet the income requirements, and can make a long-term financial investment in Australia.

If you’ve identified the type of visa appropriate for you but you don’t know how to get started with the application process, worry not. Contact your trusted business migration consultant and he will provide you with all the how-tos. Share this article and invite other company owners to make their businesses grow with your venture in Australia.

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