Obtain the Parent Visa and Live in Australia with Your Family

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Obtain the Parent Visa and Live in Australia with Your Family

Parents who intend to migrate in Australia have now something to look forward to, as they fulfill their dream through the Parent Visa. Specifically, this visa lets any parent, his husband or wife, and the other dependent members of the family to migrate to Australia as long as their child (be it a stepchild, adopted or natural) lives in Australia, an Australian citizen or an eligible or permanent resident of New Zealand. To date, there are six (6) different Parent Visa classes falling under the contributory and non-contributory categories.  Additionally, qualification to obtain this visa may be classified, too depending on the applicant’s age, and the residency, if temporary or permanent.

What to accomplish to get the Parent Visa

It takes a lot of processes to go through the Parent migration. Requirements need to be met and accomplish to make the migration possible. Even the terms and conditions apply, too, when getting this type of visa. Any parent can apply for it if his child is an Australian, eligible citizen of New Zealand, or a permanent resident of Australia; his child has legally lived in Australia for at least two years prior to their lodging of visa application; he meets the criteria for Balance of family; he meets both the character and health requirements; he has a qualified sponsor in the country.

With this visa type, a parent can already stay and reside in Australia for up to two years as a temporary resident. He can also stay and reside in the country as an Australian permanent resident. When getting the parent visa to Australia, a parent needs to have someone to sponsor him and this particular sponsor has to be his child, or any other person who is an eligible sponsor in Australia. It is very vital that the applicant’s spouse, as well as the other dependent family members, can be included in the list indicated in the application so long as the specific requirements are met.

Additionally, for one to qualify for the said visa, a he must pass the test for Balance of Family. This particular test is created for the extent of the identification of the applicant’s link to the country. An applicant can only get qualified to take the test if, at least half of his children are living permanently in Australia, or more of his children have resided in this country for good than in any other nation. If you intend to apply for this visa, let the migration company you trust assist you.

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