Get the Resident Return Visa and Don’t Lose Your Australian Permanency

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Get the Resident Return Visa and Don’t Lose Your Australian Permanency

Is the validity of your travel facility expired or about to expire? Worry not because you can take the Resident Return Visa Subclasse 155 and 157. With this visa, you are sure not to lose your permanency in Australia. It is important to know that this return visa is offered to present permanent residents of Australia, some former permanent residents of the country, and some citizens of Australia. If you are one of the aforementioned, you can avail of the said visa if the travel facility your current visa has, has already expired or is soon expiring and you have the desire to travel abroad again, and you would want to keep your status for permanent residency.

Obtaining the Resident Return Visa

If you really want to keep your status as a resident in Australia, you should know and realise the importance of obtaining the Australian Resident Return Visa. Bear in mind that leaving the country without the said visa may affect your requirements for permanent residency for your citizenship. You are eligible to apply for the visa if you are a permanent resident of Australia, formerly a permanent resident with his last permanent visa that was not canceled; and formerly a citizen of Australia who lost or renounced his citizenship. This kind of visa offers you a travel privilege of up to five years.

As for the cost, at only AUD 375, this visa is worth spending for. Applying physically with documents will cost you additional AUD80. Though not shown in the list to spend for during the visa application, it is essential to know that should there be additional costs in connection to your visa application, you, as the applying party is responsible for paying for the extra costs.

This return visa may have been classified as a permanent visa but it does not necessarily mean it lasts indefinitely. However, if you decide not to travel out of the country, this visa then lasts indefinitely. Meaning, it does not end and there is no reason for you to become unlawful when your travel facility expires. And if you have the intention to leave Australia following the expiration of your travel facility, the return visa then ends and you will need to a country. That is why it is best to talk to your trusted migration agent Perth to know our option

Don’t lose your permanent residency in Australia. Get the appropriate visa now and secure your status in this country. Share this article now and let the other people in the same situation as you’re in know their options.

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