Resident Return Visa Subclass 155 & 157

The Resident Return Visa permits the candidate to return to the country, as he or she needs to leave the country after the travel validity has expired or it got expired when the applicant was outside the country and he or she is not allowed to return to the country as a permanent member. You can travel in and around the world as many times as you want till the travel validity period is there. You can work as well as study in the country. Enrolment for various health care schemes is also available which will help you in the near future. If you are eligible, then you can also apply for the country’s citizenship.

You will be eligible to sponsor for your loved ones who wish to come and reside in the country with subclass 157 visa. ISA Migrations & Education Consultants has the best team of Migration Agent Australia who helps those individuals who are not able to return to the country as their travel validity has expired. The Visa 155 states that you and your family member who are travelling need to respect the country’s law and order. You can be in any part of the world when you are wishing to apply for it. You must be either an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of the country whose last visa was not cancelled in any case.

What Subclass 155 & 157 Resident Return Visa Lets You To Do in Australia?

The Resident Return Visa permits you to stay in the country permanently. With RRV 157, you can work and study in the country and also enrol for various health care schemes that are available under the Australian government. You can also apply for the citizenship of the country if you qualify the eligibility factors. Travelling to and fro from the country is possible with Visa 155. You will also be able to sponsor for your loved ones who wish to come and reside in the country.

What are the requirements for Visa 155 and 157?

To qualify for the Visa subclass 155, you need to follow resident return visa requirements which are stated below:

  • No age is maintained while applying for 157 visa.

  • Resident and character requirements should be met.

  • No rejection or cancellation of the visa should take place.

  • Must be either an Australian permanent resident whose last visa was not cancelled or a citizen who lost his or her citizenship or an Australian Permanent resident.

  • Should not hold Return Endorsement or an Authority to Return.

  • You should not have faced cancellation against your business skill visa.

General Eligibility Criteria for Resident Return Visa 155 & 157

The 157 visa has few eligibility criteria which need to be followed when you apply for it. The resident return visa eligibility criteria are listed below:

Status of the visa
Your visa should not have been rejected or cancelled in the past.

No cancellation must be faced against your business skill visa
Your application form will not be approved if you have cancelled it on any business ground for business scheme visa which are Subclass 132 or Subclass 840-846 visas or Subclass 188 or subclass 888 visas or subclass 160-165. You are not qualified for it if you are a holder of subclass 159 or 155 or 157. The visa will not be granted if you have cancellation action for subclass 159 or 157 or 155 under the same business visa ground.

Character requirements
You must meet the character requirements that are stated by the authority.

Not hold a Return Endorsement or an Authority to Return
You are not qualified for Visa subclass 155 if you hold a return endorsement or an authority to return.

Age Requirement
There is no specific age required for applying for it. Individual of any age group can apply for visa 157.

Be any of this
You must be either an Australian permanent resident whose last visa was not cancelled or a citizen of the country who lost his or her citizenship. Another clause says that you can be an Australian Permanent resident.

Residence Requirements
You must be an Australian citizen or have lived in the country for 2 years in a span of the previous 5 years, as a permanent resident.

Resident Return Visa Subclass 155 and 157 Checklist

If you want your application form to be free from errors then it is better to maintain a Resident Return Visa checklist. The checklist of RRV 157 is listed below:

  • You should either have a valid passport or travel documents to apply for Visa subclass 155.

  • Assemble all the required documents such as character and residency requirements, proof that you are an Australian citizen or you have resided in the country for at least 2 years in these 5 years.

  • Apply for the application form through online mode.

  • Check if the authority is in need of any other documents or not. If so then submit all the details that are needed.

  • If the application gets accepted then you will receive the details of the visa such as the grants number, visa terms and conditions, etc.

  • If the application gets rejected then the reason for it will be informed to you.

  • The processing fee of the applicant will not be refunded.

What is the processing time for Resident Return Visa?

The Resident Return visa processing time cannot be estimated accurately as it depends on quite a few factors which are:

  • Filling the details properly in the application form for the subclass 157 visa.
  • Provide all the necessary details that are required for the visa 155 application forms to get accepted.
  • Time is required to verify all the details by the authority.
Name of the Visa Processing time
Resident Return Visa 75% Applications 90% applications
Subclass 155 28 Days 34 Days
Subclass 157 6 Months 12 Months

From the beginning of the process of Resident Return Visa to the approval of the Visa subclass 155, we at ISA Migrations & Education Consultants, the best Migration Agent Australia will help you to get the RRV 157 visa. Get in touch with us at the earliest to get targeted assistance for all kinds of queries and issues.

General FAQs Resident Return Visa Australia


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