How to Find a Reputable Migration Agent Perth?

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How to Find a Reputable Migration Agent Perth?

A Migration Agent Perth aims to help international students or skilled workers legally move in Australia. They are the key person that will assist the visa of the student’s choosing, since they have the credibility to do so. However, it is always important to be vigilant when searching for a quality and registered migration agent. The best way you could identify a reliable agency, you should consider the following list of things illegal operators might tell you:

Typical Dialogue of Illegal Migration Agent Perth

No. 1: “Our services will guarantee the approval of your application for an Australian visa.” This statement should be the first warning bell to look out for. According to the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection, no agent can assure the outcome of your visa application will be successful because only authorised personnel of the Australian Migration office can give you a visa, this is if you qualify for all the visa requirements.

No. 2: “You should pay now to register for a migration program.” You should not pay them before you lodge your visa application. This is really important because you only pay your visa application fees as soon as you lodge your visa application.

No. 3: “I’m the only one that could pay the charges.” A reputable migration agent is required to give you a statement of services, which is inclusive of estimated fees to be paid. However, you can actually pay your own visa application charge, especially if you decide to lodge your application in Australia. It is important that you request for a receipt that clearly shows all of the payments made.

No. 4: “I have a special connection with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.” The DIBP has no special relationship with any migration agencies and they treat all of the visa applications fairly. The best Migration Agent in Perth will only assist you in the processing of the visa application to make your life a little easier.

Those are just some of the statements you should look out for when you are talking to an immigration agent Perth. Reputable immigration agencies are out there and they are more than happy to assist you to legally and properly enter the country.

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