Overseas Education Consultants: Living and Studying in Australia Financial Guide

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Overseas Education Consultants: Living and Studying in Australia Financial Guide

Living and studying in Australia is definitely a dream for many. Nowadays, this can be easily done with lots of overseas education consultants. They provide real-time information how you can do it. Because of the country’s exemplary universities and educators, international students simply love it here.

The international studies surely help lands better job opportunity. Though, the journey isn’t as easy as in any one’s native country. Just with the student visa, the amount of application is already staggering. You will need financial stability to proceed with it. For that, here are a round up of financial facts to help out more.

1.University or School location

If you already decided to study in Australia, study abroad consultants recommend for you to choose early the location as well. A country is a vast place and living expenses vary from each. You can pick a city learning place or not. It will surely impact the cost of your studies.

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane are just a few of the place you can study in Australia. All of them also offer different approaches for your expenditures. If you want to get the most affordable side of it, go for the last. It has the cheapest cost of living than the rest.


On-campus accommodation and Off-campus accommodation are the choices you can have for housing in Australia. Education consultant definitely tells the international student to watch out for the country’s high living. With the two, it will help a lot to either increase or decrease the expenses depending on your choice.

School dorm is the type of on-campus living. They have block apartments or residence halls for it. Some universities will offer it while the enrolment process goes on. While private rentals and home stays may also be an option too.

3.Australia Health Insurance

International students are required to have health insurances. This is also the matter you need to save money for. This will cover everything from your medical care, hospital care, pharmaceuticals, and ambulance services while in the country.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) will be the one to arrange everything for you. It will be through your university where you enrolled. While some other also consider buying on line, abroad education consultants say that the Department of Health and Ageing website will be the place to look for it on the web.

4.Studying & Working

Here’s something you also need to know if plan to study in Australia. Many companies offer flexible options for international students to earn while studying. Just make sure to check with your study abroad consultant the student visa you hold. They sometimes differ on the allowance of time. You could either week as much as 40 hours per week or more.

If you decide to go and learn in Australia, just make sure to take note of all the financial guide given. Always communicate with your education consultants in case you have questions.

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