Important Aspects Regarding Student Visa Extension Australia

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Important Aspects Regarding Student Visa Extension Australia

According to recent statements from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia, all international students are guaranteed student visa. Previously, this Australian agency only granted such permits for people enrolled in full-time courses offered by universities registered in the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for International Students. Now, anyone interested in extending their period of stay in Australia or can opt for a Student Visa Extension, just by stating their reasons such as vacation, work, migration or higher education.

Student Visa Extension
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Terms For Australian Student Visa Extension

However, the visa extension is only granted as long as the permit does not have the qualification of “Not Suitable for Later Stay”. If the extension of the visa is feasible if you wish to continue studying or need more time to do the Ph.D. thesis. It is necessary to request another visa. Once the first one has expired, the new one will come into force. In case you find yourself on Australian lands with another type of permit before your previous visa is renewed, you must start the process again from the beginning.

If you are about to graduate and you only need to enter Australia to pick up your certificate of studies or your undergraduate degree, it is better that you apply for a visitor visa. Generally, this type of permits is granted to tourists, business visitors, professional trainers (who are opting for a job related to training), retired people (55 and older), and people in transit, patients seeking medical treatment and event organizers. If you are applying for renewal from another country, you should expect it to be approved to return to Australia.

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How is The Nomination of Dependents Made For Student Visa?

After filling out Form 919 and sending it, along with the required documents, the dependent (s) must complete the 157A form for student visas and present it, accompanied by the Student Dependent Nomination Form 919 and the documents that the student consigned, to an Australian Consular Office.

Student Visa Extension Checklist Must Be Supplied?

  • Certified or notarized copies of all pages of the student’s passport, including the one that contains the temporary student visa and their personal details
  • Original letter from the student’s educational provider, where he mentions the course he is taking, the duration of the course and the probable date of completion
  • If the student is satisfying the requirements of the course, evidence and/or declaration of access to the funds that will allow them to keep their dependent (s)
  • States of original bank accounts, original letter of the student’s financial institution, confirming the status of your bank account
  • Documents proving the relationship with your dependent (s), such as a certified copy of the marriage certificate or birth certificates of the children
  • Proof of having made the necessary paperwork for your minor dependent to attend school while the student completes the course
  • Proof of payment of the Health Coverage Premium for International Students, in favor of each of the dependents
  • Copies of the required documents must be certified by the Justice of the Peace Authority of Australia or the Commissioner for Declarations of Australia

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Student Visa Extension Process

This process of visa extension needs time. Student Visa Extension Processing Time depends on which base are you reapplying for the visa to be extended.

Make Sure You Renew Your Student Visa If

  1. You have not completed your study program within the established time
  2. You are about to start a new study program
  3. You have not submitted your thesis, in case of postgraduate research or a Ph.D. program

A person who becomes a family member of a student, after they submitted the visa application and before receiving a response, must be reported in writing to the immigration department of Australia together with evidence that shows your relationship with that student. The periods of stay guaranteed for family members are generally the same as those granted to the beneficiary of the Student Visa Subclass 500. In accordance with Australian immigration laws, a person is considered a family member of a student with a visa if,

  1. It is your partner whether married or not
  2. Is the child of the student who is not married or who has not reached the age of 18?
  3. An Aus. AID or student sponsored by the Department of Defense.

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