Important Steps To Follow When Departing From Australia

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Important Steps To Follow When Departing From Australia

The student visa validity could end at any moment. The student is permitted to work at any age if they submitted the details of the program attendance. It is considered as part of the process of student visa. The visa would assist the students regarding the rights of workers in Australia. It is essential to clear the entire dues before departing from the mentioned country. It would not hamper the plans for the visit of the individual in the future. It is necessary to follow the mentioned below procedures of Student Visa:

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Claim Tax refunds

It is evident to claim the refunds of tax while working as the employee of junior type. The employee must pay tax and utilize the return of tax per year. The amount could be possibly hundreds or thousands. It is better to take guidance from the immigration agent Australia who could provide brief regarding the guidelines of Australia. It is also essential for submission of their details too regarding the tax refunds claim.

Receive benefits of superannuation

It is necessary for every person to regularly fill the returns of tax. Paying benefits of extra taxes to any individual at the time of the person retirement is also necessary. However, superannuation benefits claiming now comprised of plans prepared for departing Australia permanently. One must be assured of receiving the above-mentioned benefits if he/she decided not to return back to Australia. Depending on the visa of student eligibility of the sum of superannuation is determined. It is mandatory to submit the details disregarding the fact of expiry or cancellation of visas. There are other details which are listed below:

  • Last pay slip regarding the place of work must be produced
  • The tax file number is also an essential matter that must be taken into consideration

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Details of superannuation: It is possible to have many accounts or single super accounts of an individual in Australia. The authorities of immigration might ask for producing several details like the number of accounts, the number of members, the identity of the client and many more.

After the filing of personal information, the person could receive several other forms of benefits. For more details, one must log into a portal of Departing Australia Superannuation Payments (DASP) where the person could get the money. Here, any individual could insert details of information regarding the new type of applicants too for the account of superannuation and the employer details are also needed to fill. A confirmation email would be received by that person regarding the verification of details of superannuation and would get the proposed amount in the individual’s account.

Bank account closing

It is better to make use of the app of the commonwealth for linking the account details of the home bank. The above-mentioned app would help in the creation of the account. Depending on the details of the contact, the person could get benefits of superannuation and refunds. Migration service Australia could give a better idea about this matter.

After getting the benefits and refunds it is necessary for transferring the money to the account of the home bank. There is no availability of funds in the account of the bank. Hence, it would be useless to utilize the account of the bank. It would be always recommended to the person for closing the account. For this, it is mandatory to put an email with a passport copy of the attested type. After that, the person could ask for the bank account closing.

Luggage formalities completion

Necessarily the wardrobe comprised of several clothing materials and it is essential to put them in small and big bags. It could be possible that the person is not aware of how to travel carrying the luggage in the home country. There are several companies that provide the services of carrying luggage. It is recommended to go for the authentic one rather than searching for the cheapest service. It is also necessary to know about the price and discount offer provided by them.

Receiving benefits of the purchased item

Regarding the goods purchased in Australia, any individual could claim GST 60 days before the departure. It is vital to submit the details of the claim to authorities of the airport after getting through the arch of security over there. The process could be faster if an online form is filled. There are some conditions which are mentioned below:

  • If the value of the goods goes above $300 then the person could receive more benefits
  • Products payment
  • It is necessary to submit the details of the tax invoice
  • Carrying vital goods


For availing tax refunds it is necessary to file taxes of pending type. The person could close the account of the bank after getting the desired amount. The benefits of superannuation could also be received. For more detailed information it is recommended to seek advice from Immigration service’s Australia and Migration Agent Australia. If your Student Visa Subclass 500 is about to expire and you want to remains continue live work and study in Australia. In this case, you can apply for Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485.

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