The Scope of Studying in the US After 10th Grade

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The Scope of Studying in the US After 10th Grade

There are many students who need to shift to the US right after completing their 10th grade for a myriad of reasons. There are also some who decide to pursue high school from the US. Whatever the case may be, to study in US a student have to follow a few strict steps.

It is not just about the country you wish to study in. The institution you take admission in also makes a lot of difference. Hence, it is important that you take your steps carefully and make sure that you don’t compromise on the standard of your education.

Tests Studying in US After 10th Standard

Studying in USA is like a dream for many, since it is not something that everyone can achieve. To get admission in a reputed school you will need to score well in certain tests. These tests include IELTS, TOEFL etc. It is mandatory to score well in these tests if you want admission in a good school. Both these tests are required to assess your grip and proficiency over English. You are also required to pass a basic medical fitness test for the purpose of studying abroad.

IELTS: Over 9,000 educational organisations worldwide recognize the score achieved in this test. IELTS is a language test and evaluates a student’s, English speaking, reading, writing, and listening abilities. Passing this test means you have been successfully tested through conversation with a real person.

TOEFL: TOEFL is again another language test which determines your level of proficiency over English language. The score achieved in TOEFL is also accepted in most universities, colleges and schools across the world. Also it doesn’t take more than half a day to complete the test.

Requirements for Studying in US After 10th

If you are planning to study in US after 10th grade you need to have good score in your class 10 boards and also have a clean record in academics throughout. A knack for extra-curricular activities also get preference while applying for admission at an educational institution in the US. You can choose your stream of study, so that you can specialise upon it after completing high school.

Abroad education consultants can help you find the most appropriate school for you. Hence, if you are planning to pursue high school from US contact ISA Migrations today and watch your dream come true.

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