3 Burning Questions to Ask Potential Overseas Education Consultants

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3 Burning Questions to Ask Potential Overseas Education Consultants

Have you ever dreamed of studying abroad, maybe in New Zealand or Australia? However, do you also worry about how would you do it? If you have any of these questions then you might want to seriously consider hiring overseas education consultants. These are the professionals who know the ins and outs of international study processes in a country. They have invaluable information that they could share with you, which is why don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Practical Questions You Should Ask Overseas Education Consultants

If you really want to study overseas then you should take all of the necessary steps to avoid any troubles caused by unpreparedness and urgency. Here are a few sample questions you might want to ask.

No. 1: Which universities or colleges are your partners? It is normal that education consultant agencies partner up with universities and colleges, so be upfront and learn as much as you can with their selection. Ask about the location, credibility, and other pertinent information that you think will affect your education. Know if they carry the course of study you would like to take and, if you can, ask your agent to provide references of their past clients that entered a certain institution. This validity could give you the peace of mind.

No. 2: Do you aid your client in the overall student visa process? Another important question to bear in mind because it will test how proficient the consultant is. Know what are the important requirements in the visa processing. Generally students are required to pass a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and the other requirements to the university and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). Also ask if they offer other services such as IELTS coaching that could help your application so much easier.

No. 3: What’s your record of success when it comes to student visa application? Although education consultants don’t guarantee the success of a visa application, the answer to this question will give you the confidence in their capabilities and their offerings. It’ll give you a rough estimate of how effective and valuable their services actually are.

These three questions can help you determine, which consultant will be a perfect fit for your needs in Australia student visa and ultimately achieving your goals in studying in this prestigious and amazing country. Remember, genuine consultant would gladly help you make your dreams come true.

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