5 Vital Requirements for Australia Student Visa Application

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5 Vital Requirements for Australia Student Visa Application

Have you ever wanted to study in a different country, possibly Australia? If so then you have to apply for an Australia student visa in order for you to legally achieve that goal. To help you better prepare yourself for it, here are a few things you need to know about it:

Prerequisites of the Australia Student Visa Application

Before you decide to apply for a visa to study in Australia, here are a few requirements you have to have:

No. 1: English proficiency exam results. Before you apply to an institution or a student visa, you have to successfully pass the Pearson Test of English, IELTS, TOEFL, or any of the credible English proficiency programs. This is one of the key requirements in your application because it will clearly show if you are capable enough to comprehend the main language of the country. The passing marks will depend on the institution you will study in, but you must not go lower than that. Try to study hard on the different areas of English so that you’ll be able to get a favourable grade.

No. 2: Confirmation of Enrolment or COE. This is the prerequisite before lodging the student visa application. You have to enrol to a registered institution for international students (CRICOS). Once your application has been approved and you have paid the school, the COE will be given to you. The entry requirements will vary from each institution so please visit their website to know more about the details.

No. 3: Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) and Visa Application Form. You can fill up these documents while you’re waiting for the decision on your COE. You must be completely honest when answering the question provided since the GTE will be the basis of your genuine intentions in studying in the country.

No. 4: Overseas Student Health Cover or OSHC. This is a vital requirement in your student visa application because it is mandatory for international students to have one before studying in the country. There are different Australian health insurance companies and institutions that could help you with this, so it is your decision which one you’ll choose. If you are having a tough time then ask your education consultant about it.

No. 5: Proof of Financial Capacity. You have to give evidence that you or a sponsor will be able to fully support your education in the country. Included in the computation are your course fee, your visa, your ticket, and your potential living costs in the country. Generally, the amount that you will need is around AUD 19,830.00 a year and if you have a dependent with you then you will need to add it in there as well.

Those are just some of the basic prerequisites in the Australian student visa application. If you want to get more information and help on this then seek out the aid of overseas education consultants.

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