Pathways to Claim 5 points extra towards Australian PR through Skilled migration Program

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Pathways to Claim 5 points extra towards Australian PR through Skilled migration Program

Australia runs a highly organized and world-class point-based system for skilled migrants which is even appreciated by huge nations such as USA and UK. This structured system attracts number of experienced and highly qualified individuals from foreign land.

These Skilled Migration Visa applicants in order to gain Australian PR are currently seeking for different ways to secure extra points post the immigration department declared the notable hike of 5 (From 60 to 65) points in the point-based system this month in effect from 1st July 2018.

The Skilled Migration Visas that can be obtained under this program and need to secure minimum 65 points to become eligible for permanent resident in Australia are:

  • Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa
  • Skilled Nominated Subclass 190Visa
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 489Visa

This sudden increase in points threshold has made the potential skilled migrants seek for possible means to enhance their likelihood of success through General Skilled Migration Visa system. Many factors already contributeto these 65 points such as age (the higher the age the lower the points), knowledge of English language (The more bands you secure in IELTS the more points get added), highest educational qualification, relevant working experience etc.

Somehow if you even fall short of 5 points irrelevant of the reason (more age, IELTS score less than 7, education that offers less points or less working experience) the news that will go well with you is you can get additional 5 points for point-based Skilled Visa by passing the language assessment from NAATI or through Professional Year Program.

NAATI offers CCL (Credentialed Community Language) Test which adds 5 points to the GSM Visa Program for the skilled migrants upon successful completion, by securing minimum score of 63 or more. The certificate of this exam is a proof of an individual’s capability of interpreting the conversation between two speakers speaking different languages (one out of these two is English).

In the Credentialed Community LanguageTest from National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters the applicants are given two dialogues through a recorded tape to interpret and must secure 29 points outs of 45 in each dialogue to gain 5 extra points for GSM Visa. It is important to note that a CCL test does not certify the applicants to work as a translator or interpreter, it is merely introduced to support the skilled and multilingual applicants to achieve 5 bonus pints.

Other than NAATI, Professional Year Program is the additional option for a specific group of people to gain those 5 extra points

Professional Year Program is available for the international IT/Computer Science, Engineering and Accounting graduates from Australian institution (within the past 4 years) which offers the practical working experience, improves communication and working skills of the applicants and enhances their career aspects. It is a 44-week program including 32 weeks theoretical training and 12 weeks internship.

Upon successful completion of this program the applicants gain the working experience in Australian workforce as well as the 5 bonus points for their skilled migration and permanent residence visa application. You must enroll in a course trough Professional Year Program which is listed in your Nominated Skilled Occupation or closely similar to that.

These are some pathways that are helpful for General Skilled Migrants to add 5 bonus points to their case wherein PYP is available for specifically qualified people while NAATI is for all of the domainsto increase Australian permanent residence possibilities.

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