General Skilled Migration passing points increased to 65 from 1st July 2018!

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General Skilled Migration passing points increased to 65 from 1st July 2018!

Now and again Department of Home Affairs has announced some changes to the General Skilled Migration Visa programme. Point based migration system will be active from 1, July-18.

Going forward the applicants to become eligible for GSM visa will be required to secure 65 points. Prior to this the minimum points needed for GSM Visa were 60 across the board.

Post this change the key GSM visa streams effected are:

Individuals planning to apply for any of the above-mentioned visas post 1-July-18 will need at least 65 points depending on their prime profile elements such as age, qualification, English language skills and relevant working experience. Numerous skilled workers from across the globe apply for these visas every year with a dream of migrating to Australia. This is the prime factor that contributed to the increase in points by 5, this reflects the high demand for General Skilled Migration (GSM) visas.

It is important to note that candidates who were invited for GSM visa application before July 1, 2018 need not to worry about the hike in points as they will not be affected by the change. However, you must ensure that you prepare and submit the visa application within the set 60 days period.

The crucial hike of 5 points for General Skilled Migration Program might not be good news for the individuals who aspire to move to Australia and look forward for PR invitation. However, this has now become Australian culture to modify and update visa rules every year and the point-based system of Australia is even liked and admired by some top countries such as United Sates of America and UK.

This point system of Australia demands Expression of Interest (EOI) from the candidate of General Skilled Migration Visa through an online system of skill selection.

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