Apply for A Permanent Residence in New Zealand Post Studies Easily Via Us

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Apply for A Permanent Residence in New Zealand Post Studies Easily Via Us

New Zealand, a small but scenic first-world country is one of the most sought after overseas education destination among Indian students today. Its calm and peaceful environment, various interesting options of subjects along with numerous options of job after studies and wonderful picturesque beauty makes it a hot favorite among the students of various countries including India.

However, wouldn’t it be really nice if you could stay back in such a wonderful place as a permanent resident? Won’t it be great if you don’t have to come back from New Zealand after completion of studies and start working there for a living? Well, if this is what you desire for, then we’re here to help you out!

We at ISA Migrations help Indian students to study in New Zealand and to get a pr after study in New Zealand without any hassles, and ensure that they can stay successfully with all legal permissions for as long as they want to!

Why study in New Zealand?

This is a million-dollar question among all those Indian students looking for higher education abroad. Well, New Zealand is one of the most sought after destinations for graduation, post-graduation and doctorate levels of education among Indian students today. The following reasons will tell you why study in New Zealand is such a favourite today:

  • According to the QS world rankings of 2015 listing the best universities of the world, five universities of New Zealand had been featured. According to their ranks, they are: University of Auckland, University of Otago, University of Canterbury, Victoria University of Wellington, Massey University. Thus, you can be undoubtedly assured of premium quality education. The colleges here are universally acclaimed, and the degrees are highly respected and approved by world-class employers across the globe as well.
  • The education councils here award students for both practical and theoretical education achievements. All meritorious students are entitled to lucrative scholarships.

How to apply for a pr in New Zealand after studies?

To acquire permanent residency in New Zealand, you need to choose the perfect subjects for the best probabilities. To acquire a PR, you need to have a post study work permit (employer assisted), which can help you qualify under skilled migrant category. If your work has skill shortages, it improves you chance to keep staying in New Zealand either with work permit or pr. You can get a work permit only if you have studied for more than a year with a qualification of level 7 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework, or two years with total qualification level 4-6.

Getting a PR in New Zealand is a dream-come-true moment for all Indian students who finished studying in New Zealand. And we, the best study abroad consultants will help you get so. Contact ISA Migrations and we’ll help you get a PR in New Zealand.

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