What Are The Benefits And Eligibility For The Informational Technology Professional Year?

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What Are The Benefits And Eligibility For The Informational Technology Professional Year?

In Australia, you may find it challenging to find your first job after graduation. But, doing a Professional Year Program (PYP) will provide you with the practical work experience and formal education required for a job in the Australian industry. This program covers one year and is currently available in Engineering, Information Technology, and Accounting.

The availability of these programs in only these three sectors is due to the higher demand for skilled workers than in other employment fields. One of the key benefits of a PYP in Australia is that it gives the candidates more time to improve their current set of skills and qualifications. This blog focuses on advantages and eligibility criteria related to an Informational Technology PYP.

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What is the Professional Year Informational Technology?

Suppose you have recently graduated from a recognized Australian institution with a degree in Computer Science and want to sharpen your skills before starting your professional career. In that case, the Informational Technology PYP is the correct option to choose. The ACS (Australian Computer Society) developed this Professional Year Program to provide aspiring ICT (Information and Communication Technology) graduates with basic training and important practical skills. This program also aims at fulfilling the skill shortage in the Australian job market.

The Informational Technology Professional Year Program is delivered over 44 weeks. In the first 32 weeks, students receive formal theoretical training, while in the remaining 12 weeks, students have to go through an internship placement. The internship proves vital as students can apply the learned techniques and acquired theoretical knowledge in practice. In addition to all the training modules, you will receive regular counseling throughout the entire program.

Currently, the Australian job market has become highly competitive. On average, Australian companies receive as high as 200 CVs for every vacancy. So, you may find it difficult to find a job, especially if the company wants to see work experience in the employees’ profiles. That is where completing a PYP can be beneficial.

Keep in mind that you must obtain your Temporary Graduate Visa 485 before enrolling in the program.

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Advantages of Completing a Professional Year Program

After completing graduation in Informational Technology (IT) from an approved Australian education provider and obtaining the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485, the best option you can choose is doing a Professional Year Program Informational Technology. It makes students job-ready, thus acting as a much easier pathway from academics to employment.

As candidates can participate in internship placement training, they can easily increase their potential to perform well in a workplace environment. The four major benefits of completing a Professional Year Program in IT are as follows.

  • 5 points for Australian Permanent Residency

    Most Australian permanent skilled work visas are points-based, where you will be awarded points according to your age, academic qualifications, work experience, English language skills, etc. You have to reach the minimum points threshold to be eligible for that visa.
    One of the most important benefits of doing a PYP in IT is obtaining 5 valuable points in the points’ test associated with your application for an Australian PR visa. It will automatically increase your score, thus brightening your chances to live in Australia permanently.
  • Opportunities for internship

    For overseas students in Australia, finding a job that perfectly suits their skills and qualifications and offers relevant growth opportunities is tough. But doing a PYP will provide them with a streamlined pathway to a fulfilling job in the Australian market after graduation.
    You can apply your learned skills to a real-life workplace environment in an internship. Thus, an internship program allows students to become aware of Australian employment culture and what principles they should use to continue their careers.
    Another key benefit of these internship programs is that you can find permanent positions in the companies once you complete your Professional Year Program. Also, when you mention having internship experience in your CV, it will improve your profile and undoubtedly impress your employers.
  • Opportunities for networking

    If you want to focus on building a rewarding and long career in Australia, there will be no alternative to creating a strong network. As you will be undertaking an internship placement training for a long 12-week period, you can come in frequent contact with professional environments, senior professionals, and peers in the field of Informational Technology.
    These people may have gained the same or similar experience as you and have common interests and knowledge. You can interact with them to exchange ideas, ask important questions to clear your doubts and stay connected to know the current trends and updates in the IT field. These connections will be highly beneficial in growing your career.
  • Familiarity with the work environment

    Another most significant benefit of doing an Informational Technology PYP is that you can learn many things about Australian workplaces, including industry standards, communication, and conduct codes. Having prior knowledge about these elements will help you function effortlessly in your professional life.
    The Department of Home Affairs has developed the concept of Professional Year Programs to address arising skill shortage in Australia. So, they are exclusively designed to help students obtain a detailed understanding of the Australian workplace environment. You can see with your own eyes how professionals work, and thus, learn much quicker.

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Criteria for Eligibility

Any application requires that the applicant must meet some eligibility criteria. On that note, if you want to enroll in an Informational Technology PYP and enjoy the benefits discussed above, you have to satisfy several basic requirements. These requirements will be as follows.

  • Completion of a recognised IT degree

    You must hold an IT degree awarded by a recognized Australian educational institute. Make sure you have studied for at least 2 years to receive your qualification.
  • Holding the eligible visa

    As an applicant, you must hold or at least have applied for the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485, valid for a minimum of 1 year. This visa has two streams – Graduate Work Stream and Post-Study Work Stream, and according to your qualification, you can make your application for any one stream.
    If you hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, you must go for the Post-Study Work Stream as it will give you 2 to 3 years to stay.
  • English language requirement

    For the Informational Technology Professional Year Program, you must also prove your English language proficiency by showing:
    – At least 6 overall band scores in IELTS, or,
    – At least 50 overall band scores in PTE Academic

How Can ISA Migrations Assist?

ISA Migrations is one of the top education consultancies you can get in touch with to get help with a Professional Year Program in Informational Technology. They have some vital connections, which will allow you to get enrolled in the formal institutions that offer these PYPs. Keep in mind that you can enroll in only ACS-approved institutes. When you approach ISA Migrations, they will assign you their top education agent Perth to provide detailed guidance.

Besides academic help, this firm also provides top-quality migration assistance. Australian visa applications are complicated, and thus you will always have the risk of missing a vital step while doing the procedure yourself. Instead of that, you can ask ISA Migrations to help you contact the Registered Migration Agent for smooth immigration Perth.

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