Give Your Qualifications a Boost with Professional Year Program

At ISA Migrations, we believe that taking the time and effort to enhance your current skill sets and qualifications can help you succeed in your chosen career. This is why you must never stop learning and improving yourself. If you are a graduate of accountancy, information technology, or engineering, or if you're an accomplished translator or interpreter, taking up Professional Year Program can help you find success and excellent employment opportunities in Australia.

What is the Professional Program?

Sanctioned and promoted by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the Professional Year Program is a structured professional development program designed to address the on-going skills shortage in Australia. It combines formal learning with workplace experience to help international students and jobseekers develop a competitive edge and familiarize themselves with the Australian workplace.

Apart from helping them become skilled, productive, and successful members of the Australian workforce, completing the Professional Year Program in Accounting, IT, or Engineering can also provide students with the following benefits:

  • Earn valuable work experience by having an internship at an Australian company.
  • Improve your understanding of the Australian workplace culture and practices.
  • Learn how to communicate in a professional manner.
  • Receive five extra points towards your permanent residency application.

Today, there are different educational institutions in the country that deliver Professional Year Program Australia can be proud of. At ISA Migrations, we are happy to announce that we can help you find the institutions that can offer you the education and training you need. We can provide you with the assistance you require so you can make the most of your learning and internship experiences.

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