Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590

Parents, legal guardians, or persons approved to look after a certain person who is pursuing study under a visa, preferably under visa subclass 500, have the option to apply for a visa that will allow them to stay with their family members in Australia. They can apply for the required permission through Visa subclass 590, otherwise known as Student Guardian Visa subclass 590. The stay must be purely temporary and must be limited to the duration of the courses the international student is pursuing. The age of the student must be less than 18 years for the guardian to qualify for this visa.

Students under the adult age of 18 need to be assisted in daily activities, and needs help from qualified and sympathetic persons. As for the students, arranging for paid help is difficult and expensive, and the best care can be provided by the family members. Due to these considerations, the Department of Immigration of Australia has 590 Visa Australia earmarked for this purpose. The parents can apply for ensuring the welfare of the below-aged student. Getting in touch with the appropriate and knowledgeable Migration Agent Australia can be useful in accepting the remunerations and other benefits of applying and getting right of entry to this certain visa.

What this Subclass 590 Visa Allows You To Do in Australia?

The Visa Subclass 590 is essentially a temporary visa that allows the holder to provide a non-adult student who is studying in the country to provide support, welfare, and accommodation. This 590 Visa Australia allows the bearer to stay within the time limit of the course and help the student. The applicant must be a family member, parent, or relative approved by the parents. The holder is not permitted to work inside Australia. The bearer of this visa must be registered under an approved insurance provider with an overseas health cover. A learned and registered Migration agent will be helpful in clearing the doubts.

What are Visa Subclass 590 conditions?
There are several conditions which will be followed stringently by the applicant to have a positive response from the department about an application of Visa Subclass 590. Any error in fulfilling the conditions may result in the 590 Visa Australia. The subclass 590 visa conditions needed to be fulfilled by the applicant can be listed as:

  • The applicant should be the pupil’s blood relation relative with age 21 years or older.
  • He or she must have sufficient money to sustain himself or herself and the student throughout their stay.
  • They must be able to provide housing, welfare and other support.
  • The applicant should get an approved insurance cover for their whole staying period.
  • The student should be below 18 years of age.

Student Guardian Visa 590 Requirements

The student must fulfill the necessities and achieve the required documents for student guardian visa 590 for any one of the below-mentioned criteria for allowing their parent or approved guardian to qualify for the subclass 590 Visa Australia. The mandatory documents and the factors the applicant will need to provide as the 590 visa requirements can be given in the table below:

Visa Name Documents required
Student Guardian Visa 590 Proof of being parent, and in case of relative other than parent, authorization from the patients.
Proof of age
Documents showing finances and present nature of work
Document showing available assets
Personal details
Visa history
Proof of overseas health cover
Details of the passport

Subclass 590 Visa Eligibility Criteria

To get selected for the Subclass 590 Visa and accomplish the profits and aids that come with the said 590 visa Australia, there are some guidelines and instruction that the candidate will have to put up with before he or she contemplates applying for the same. Without the fulfillment of these Visa Subclass 590 eligibility criteria, the applicant may not be successful in receiving the visa. The facts are:

Basic requirement
The applicant of this special visa must be one of the parents in relation to the student. If a relative other than the parents are applying, then they must secure an authorization from the parents in writing. This visa does not permit the inclusion of any family member in the list who is less than 6 years of age, except certain unavoidable circumstances.

Requirement for GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant)
The applicant must provide proof of his condition in the home country, probable state of affairs in Australia, any history of immigration, evidences of property owned, any important belonging in the home country, and anything else associated with the temporary staying plan within Australia while applying for this particular visa.

Funds available
The funds declared by you during the visa application must be available for utilization to financially support the applicant and his or her family during their planned stay in Australia. The source of this money should be acceptable and should not be linked to any discrepancy. Loans from government or respectable financial houses, or any scholarship or sponsorship may be held as approved source. During the assessment of your visa application, the department will be taking into account the relationship between the applicant and the provider of funds, the income and job of the applicant, and also of the person arranging the funds, and also the history of visa of the applicant.

Health Insurance:
The applicant must take out a health insurance for the duration of his or her stay in Australia, and he or she needs to collect documentary evidence of this fact.

Personality and Relationship documents:
Documents for identification must be submitted which will include birth certificate showing the names of the parents, photocopy of the pages of the applicants passport containing his photo, personal details, issue and expiry dates of the passport, two recent photographs, and proof of change of name (if any).

Other conditions:
There are several other pointers that must be followed by the applicant, which can be stated as:

  1. The applicant is not allowed to bring family members or dependents.
  2. If you have more than one student related to you in Australia, you need to notify the department the name of the student you would like your visa linked.
  3. Once the student guardian visa is granted, no other visa will be considered.
  4. The applicant is not permitted to seek or accept employment.
  5. The applicant will be needed to maintain the overseas health cover approved by the department.
  6. Leaving Australia without accompanying the designated student will impose penalties on the applicant.

Australian 590 Student Guardian Visa Checklist

If you are applying for the 590 student guardian visa then you must check all the conditions set by the competent authority. Arranging for or submitting documents when needed according to the 590 Visa Checklist will be helpful in the acceptance of the visa request. The conditions you must check before you apply for the visa are:

  • You must be the pupil's blood relation, keeper or relative who is 21 years or older.

  • You must have adequate money to sustain yourself and the student throughout your stay.

  • You must be able to provide lodging, well-being and other support needed.

  • You must not work, or apply for work, during your stay in Australia.

  • You must get an approved insurance cover while you are staying.

  • You must arrive after the person specified in the visa.

  • You should not stay more than the specified period.

  • You must support or provide accommodation and welfare as required.

  • You must not leave Australia without the student and the approval of the immigration authority.

590 Student Guardian Visa Processing Time

The Subclass 590 visa processing time will depend upon the application and basically the type of application that is submitted. To quicken the process, the applicant can contact with an experienced Student Guardian Visa subclass 590 immigration consultant and get the desired results. The time taken may range from;

Visa Type 25% of applications processed in 50% of applications processed in 75% of applications processed in 90% of applications processed in
590 Student Guardian Visa 21 Days 45 Days 4 Months 9 Months

There are numerous more rules and processes to survey for the submission of the Student Guardian Visa subclass 590. After completion of the study, the applicant is required to go back to their home country. Contact the correct Migration agent for more details.


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