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The Australian government has developed a visa named as Contributory Parent Subclass 143 that grants the applicant to move to Australia as a permanent resident and whose children are already a settled Australian citizen. The applicant can be from any country except Australia. It permits the holder to work anywhere in the country. The Visa Subclass 143 also allows them to pursue their higher studies. The rules and regulations of visa processing can be explained by ISA Migrations & Education Consultants, the top Migration Agent Australia who will also render support in case of any issues.

It permits the applicant to reside in Australia for as much time as they want. With this visa, the applicant will get the opportunity to enrol in various medical or health care insurance schemes. They also sponsor your family members to come and reside in the country. You can also travel to and from Australia for five years. Applicants can also opt for Australian citizenship if they meet the requirements. Before applying, arrange a meeting with the authority who will explain you the terms and conditions involved in this.

Who Can Apply For Contributory Parent Visa 143 Australia?

The Contributory Parent Visa 143 can be applied by a retiree as well as a non-retiree. An applicant who is applying should be fulfilling all these criteria that are required to get Parent Visa 143. The factors which an applicant needs to be satisfied to get Visa Subclass 143 are discussed below:

Applying as a retiree is possible only if you have an investor retirement visa subclass 405 or retirement subclass 410.

  • An assurance of support is not needed.
  • No need of a sponsorship.
  • Not necessary to appear for the ‘balance of family test’

Applying for this parent visa as a non-retiree, then:

  • Can be inside or outside of Australia while applying.
  • If both you and your family member are applying from Australia, should in the country while applying and not in the immigration clearance.
  • If you and your family members are applying from outside, both of them should be outside Australia.

What Parent Visa Subclass 143 Lets You Do in Australia?

The Parent Visa Subclass 143 allows you to stay in the nation for an indefinite time. Those applying for this visa can also pursue their studies. You can also avail various insurance scheme programs. The Parent Visa 143 gives you the freedom to move to and from Australia for 5 years.

What are Visa Subclass 143 Requirements?

The Visa Subclass 143 should be free from any errors and should contain all the required documents that are needed for. The feasible way to keep a track on the Contributory Parent Visa 143 is to maintain a checklist for these requirements. The important requirements of Parent Visa Subclass 143 are explained below:

  • Can be a retiree and can stay inside or outside Australia while applying.

  • Balance of family test needs to be cleared which indicates at least one of your children should be in Australia.

  • You and your family both should satisfy the character and health requirements.

  • Clear all your debts under the Australian government.

  • Applicants who are already residing in Australia should not have their visa cancelled or rejected.

General Eligibility Criteria for Parent Visa Subclass 143

There are certain specifications of Parent Visa Subclass 143 which needs to be satisfied before attaining the visa. You are supposed to clear all the criteria of Visa Subclass 143 without even missing a single one. The following points will guide you how to have a Parent Visa 143 without rejection.

Sponsorship details
You will need to have an eligible sponsor for yourself which can be your eligible child or relatives and your sponsorship details must be approved by the Australian government. If you are applying as a retiree, then you don’t need any sponsor. In case your sponsor dies, you are still eligible for it.

Balance of family test
Need to clear the family test which says that at least one of the children are earning and residing in Australia. That is the eligibility criteria. If you are a retiree, you don’t need to apply for the test.

Assurance of support
Should have an assurance of support which means you don’t have to rely on Australian government once you enter the country. If you are applying as a retiree then you don’t need assurance of support.

Health and Character requirement
You and your family member should clear all the health and character requirements stated by the government of Australia.

Dept repayment
If you or your family member owe any money from the Australian government, then you should return it back.

Cancelled visa
Your visa should not have faced any cancellation or rejection while staying in Australia.

Sign the statement
Should sign the concerned documents stating that you will accept the Australian way of life and Australian laws.

Health insurance
If you are applying as a retiree, you must maintain your health insurance until you are granted a parent visa. Your insurance should cover your medical treatment including your transport.

Best interests of children
Visa 143 will not be granted if it is not in the best interest of the applicant below 18 years.

Contributory Parent Visa 143 Checklist

The Parent Visa 143 Checklist will provide you with the information to carry out the process without facing any difficulty.

  • The passport needs to be checked and verified first.

  • Collect all your required documents and submit it to the authorized person.

  • While applying for this Contributory Parent Subclass 143, you should always remember that if you are applying this as a retiree then you should not be in immigration clearance. You can apply for this visa either from inside or outside Australia.

  • The concerned authority will inform you when they will receive your application and documents.

  • If your visa is granted you will receive the details of it such as the visa grant number, date from which the visa would be applicable, and conditions regarding the visa.

What is the processing time for Parent visa 143?

There is no particular time for assessing Parent Visa 143. It is on a ‘first come first serve basis’. It might take a longer time if your particulars are not clearly provided. The Parent Visa 143 Processing time might take longer time if the application form is not properly filled or you do not include all the documents as per the application form, or if more information is required for the verification purpose. Verification is not possible for Visa Subclass 143 if you do not serve proper information. Family migration visas are quite popular that is why it requires more time to be granted.

We, at ISA Migrations & Education Consultants, as the best Migration Agent Australia help in getting the Contributory Parent Visa 143 to the applicants and provide them with all the concerned details that are necessary for the approval of the visa. Get in touch with us today, for an exemplary support in your visa processing!

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