Employer Sponsored Visa

The Employer Sponsored Visa is one of those visa types which allows the employers of Australia to sponsor international employees who are the foreign nationals regarding the permanent visa so that they can work for them in Australia. The employers can sponsor the international employees through nomination for immigration and providing sponsorship which can help them avail permanent residency in Australia. The employer sponsored visa Australia has different options to get sponsored from the employer and get yourself working in Australia. The different types of Employer Sponsored Visa are the: (a) Employer Nomination Scheme Visa Subclass 186, (b) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme ‘RSMS’ Subclass 187, and Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Subclass 482.

Categories Of Employer Sponsored Visa

Temporary Visa

Temporary Skills Shortage Visa (Subclass 482):

The Temporary Work Visa is popularly known as the Temporary Skills Shortage Visa or visa subclass 482. You will be able to enjoy a stay in Australia for a period of 2 to 4 years. You can only apply for a TSS visa subclass 482 if you are being nominated by an approved sponsor for the position of a skilled worker. You must possess the right skills to handle the position you are nominated for and should provide evidence for the same. The position for which you are nominated and you make an application should be listed in the short-term skilled occupation list.
The following should be considered when you apply for the TSS visa subclass 482:

  • You should get nominated by an approved sponsor for a skilled position.
  • You must possess the right skills related to the nominated job.
  • You should have the required level of English language knowledge.

Permanent Visa

Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186:
The Employer Nomination Scheme visa subclass 186 is a permanent category visa which enables you to work and live in Australia for a permanent basis. The individual can apply for the visa subclass 186 only if he/ she is nominated by their employer given that he/ she is a skilled worker. The job position for which the individual have been nominated should be relevant with the skills and qualification possessed by them. Your nomination will only be considered valid if an Australian employer nominates you. The Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 is further divided in 3 types, viz:

  • Direct Entry System
  • Labour Agreement Stream
  • Temporary Residence Transition Stream

Regional Sponsor Migration Scheme Subclass 187:
The Visa subclass 187 Regional Sponsor Migration Scheme is a permanent visa type which allows an individual to live in Australia for lifetime. The visa subclass will allow you to work in Australia if you satisfy the skilled worker conditions and you must be nominated by an employer of regional Australia. To be able to get hands over a Regional Sponsor Migration scheme, you must satisfy the following:

  • be nominated by a an approved employer of Australia who is a regional employer.
  • Should be under the age of 45 years.
  • Fulfill the requirements of English Language and the health and character requirements as per Australian framework.

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