Obtaining Permanent Residency in Australia While Holding a Temporary Graduate Visa 485

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Obtaining Permanent Residency in Australia While Holding a Temporary Graduate Visa 485

A student who has finished his studies in Australia and is now residing there on a temporary graduate visa must apply for a permanent visa if he feels that being here is necessary for a brighter future and job chances.

The temporary graduate visa subclass 485 enables the candidate to remain in Australia after completing his studies and work/study further for his further goals. Graduate workstream and post-study workstream are the two categories under which the visa one can categorise. The sort of visa one needs will determine how long he can stay there.

Let us understand a , what is it, its eligibility requirements, and how one can obtain permanent residency while holding it.

What is a Temporary Graduate visa 485?

International students who have finished two years of education in Australia are eligible for the Temporary Graduate subclass 485 visa (a work visa). Depending on the circumstances, it may last for anywhere from 18 months and four years.

It is an enormous approach to increase your probability of being accepted for a permanent or temporary skilled visa while you are still in Australia. The primary applicant for visa 485 must be present in Australia at the time of application and must have had a valid student visa within six months before filing. 

One cannot extend this visa because it is valid temporarily. However, he can use this period to search for reliable employment that will enable him to submit a permanent residency application.

For the Temporary Graduate Subclass 485 Visa Australia, there are two eligibility streams:

Post-study work stream

International students who recently received a degree (at least a Bachelor’s or higher) from an Australian institution are eligible for this visa. A student can temporarily reside, work, and study in Australia.

Graduate work stream

The stream is for international students who have recently graduated (at least with a diploma) and possess the qualifications and abilities for occupations required in Australia. It enables a student to reside temporarily, study, and work in Australia.

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Eligibility requirements

The following are the 485 visa requirements to qualify for this visa:

  • Age must be less than 50.
  • To submit a visa application, the applicant must be in Australia.
  • He must meet the Australian educational requirements.
  • He must adhere to each stream’s particular requirements (Graduate or Post Graduate)
  • He must have health insurance during his visit or stay in Australia.
  • He must have proficiency in the English language by passing IELTS/PTE.
  • He must enrol in classes in Australia through a CRICOS-accredited education provider to qualify for a post-study work stream visa.

How can one obtain permanent residency by obtaining a graduate visa 485?

A person can have a few choices that can convert his graduate visa 485 into permanent residency. These are listed below:

Temporary skills shortage visa (subclass 482) 

The applicant must have at least two years of experience in a profession or a closely related sector before applying for the TSS 482 visa. This two-year work experience can be obtained by full-time employment while on a visa 485.

Skilled independent visa 189 and nominated visa 190

While holding a 485 visa subclass, the applicant can gain the work experience necessary to earn the points needed for points-based visas like the Skilled Independent Visa 189 and the State-Sponsored 190 visa. If the aspirant is an accountant, engineer, or IT expert, he can also obtain the necessary points to qualify for benefits in the required competency exam.

Employer-sponsored visa 186

The applicant must need an employer to sponsor him for the 186 visa because it is a permanent visa. His time on the 485 will again help him earn the minimum three years of relevant work experience needed for the particular occupation.

Regional sponsored visa subclass 187

The main distinction between the 187 and 186 visas is that the job must be in a regional area of Australia.


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International students who have completed their studies in Australia are eligible for a Graduate Visa 485. After finishing their education, they can apply for a visa 485 that will allow them to reside and work in Australia.

International students can work in Australia with a Temporary Graduate Visa. The Australian government offers skilled people incredible chances. Many overseas students choose to settle permanently in Australia to establish a profession.

The path to obtaining permanent residency in Australia is the temporary graduate Visa subclass 485. The first step for establishing a foothold and staying in Australia for two to four years is the 485 post-study programme. Additionally, it enables one to obtain professional experience, which can have a direct impact on the Permanent residency skilled points assessments. It is necessary to follow the rules for the list of occupations. To comply, he must go through the same process once.

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