Student Visa Working Hours in Australia 2024

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Student Visa Working Hours in Australia 2024

Australian workplace legislation grants all employees the same rights, including international students. The Australian government reintroduced restrictions on the amount of work hours that holders of student visa subclass 500 are permitted to work while studying in Australia as of July 1, 2023. You must be familiar with condition 8105 if you currently have a student visa (Subclass 500) or are considering applying for one.  

Student Visa Working Hours

Students are limited to 48 hours of work every two weeks under Condition 8105. They can’t start working until their course has started. They can work for unlimited hours when their course isn’t in session. After starting their postgraduate research course, students enrolled in master’s by research or doctoral programs can continue to work for unrestricted hours.

Additionally, students are not allowed to work more than 48 hours per week during study or training, except those who have started a master’s degree by research or a doctorate. 

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Student visa 500 working hours 2024 for dependents 

Dependents of holders of 500 Visas may work full-time while pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees.

Student visa working hours for dependents during holidays

Dependents of student visa holders enrolled in authorised programs other than master’s or doctoral degrees are limited to 48 hours of labour per two weeks.

Work Restrictions on the Student Visa while Classes Are Not in Session

The 40-hour requirement for a student visa does not apply while classes are not in session. During term breaks, students are permitted to work full-time.

Permission to Work for Students in Australia After Graduation

Students can work full-time once they have fulfilled their course requirements. Many students apply for a Subclass 485 visa, which enables them to work for two to four years in Australian workplaces and industries while gaining experience.

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Student visa restrictions 8104 and 8105

According to student visa employment regulations, international students are often only allowed to work 48 hours every two weeks. However, the government temporarily lifted the cap on the number of hours overseas students can work for student and secondary training visa holders because of the current labour crisis. It is a temporary policy that affects every economic sector. Before starting the student’s course, students and their dependents may also begin working.

Intermittent Relaxation in 40-Hour Student Work

Even though there is more flexibility in certain areas regarding work hours, you still need to maintain a balance between your work and education commitments.

Students who work 48 hours a week in the prescribed industries must:

  • Continue to enrol in the course
  • Assure adequate attendance for the courses, and
  • Ensure the course is progressing smoothly.

If a student with an Australian Visa 500 cancels their enrollment, stops taking classes, or doesn’t make adequate course progress, they may violate their visa terms.  

COVID Recovery permits unrestricted working hours  on a student visa

The Australian government offers incentives to holders of student visas to return to Australia as soon as feasible to help address the existing labour shortages and aid in Australia’s COVID-19 recovery. The visa application fee (VAC) for any student visa holder who is outside Australia and visits the country between January 19, 2022, and March 19, 2022, will be refunded.

The work restriction on student visas has also been lifted by the Australian government, provided that COVID recovery measures are maintained.

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Information for employers on the working hours for student visas

Employers need to keep abiding by Australian workplace regulations. Under Australian workplace legislation, foreign workers, including international students on an Australia Subclass 500 Visa, have the same rights as regular employees.

The Australian Border Force and the Department of Home Affairs will be available around the clock to assist those with student visas while these procedures are in effect.

  • Utilise their discretion by the Migration Act of 1958 s. 116(1)(b). It is to ensure that students who help your organisation by working more than 40 hours a week do not have their visas revoked.
  • Not forward holders of student visas for any possible offence under s235 of the Migration Act 1958 for inquiry. It could have to do with the number of hours a student visa holder worked over the terms of their visa.
  • Acting in your capacity as an employer, Not direct you or pertinent outside labour-hire firms to look into any possible violations of section 245AC of the 1958 Migration Act. It could have to do with permitting someone to work in violation of the terms of their student visa.

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Australia is willing to retrieve the cap on how many hours international students can work. Commencing on July 1st, the new legislation will extend the working hours for Australian students. International students can work an additional 40 to 48 hours each fortnight.

The Australian government set a maximum of 48 hours per fortnight for the number of work hours permitted throughout study periods and semesters. It made it possible for holders of student visas to concentrate on their education in Australia while simultaneously pursuing paid jobs and gaining work experience. The cap on work hours for overseas students remains 48 hours per fortnight through 2024. You may contact the top migration agent Perth to know the recent guidelines on student visa working hours.

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