Student Guardian Visa 590 – Bring Your Family Members To Australia

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Student Guardian Visa 590 – Bring Your Family Members To Australia

Are you a little upset about the fact that you will have to leave behind your family members when you go to Australia for higher studies? You need not worry because if you are a foreign national studying in Australia on a student visa and you are within 18 years of age, the student guardian visa subclass 590 allows your guardian or your family members to come and stay with you in Australia. However, in exceptional situations like religious or cultural reasons, your age maybe 18 years or older.

The student guardian 590 Visa allows an applicant who is a foreign national to live in Australia as the guardian of a student for providing support during the course of study. This visa is a temporary one and the length of the student guardian visa subclass 590 will depend on the student visa holder’s course duration and age. One can lodge an application for student guardian visa subclass 590 when the student lodges an application for a student visa or following the student’s arrival in Australia. The visa costs around AUD620.

What A Student Guardian Visa 590 Holder Can Do?

  • The student guardian visa 590 allows an applicant to live in Australia for the same period as the student or until the student turns 18 years old
  • The visa allows one to travel to and from Australia as many numbers of times as they wish till the student guardian visa 590 is valid
  • If the visa subclass 590 applicant has a child who is less than 6 years old, in most circumstances this visa will not be approved. However, in some limited situations where the applicant’s child is less than 6 years old holding a passport of a country that is under Assessment Level 1 and 2 as per subclass 571 student visa, on compassionate grounds provided the applicant meet all other requirements the student guardian visa may be granted
  • The applicant can enroll themselves in an English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) or any other course and study for up to 20 hours a week for three months. However, if the applicant wishes to pursue any course other than ELICOS of greater duration, a student visa need to be applied

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Eligibility Criteria for Student Guardian Visa 590

A student guardian visa is granted only if the applicant meets the set eligibility criteria.

  • The applicant of the student guardian visa must either be parents, relative or legal guardian of the student holding a student visa and must be 21 years or older. For this visa, the following persons are considered as a relative of the student:
  1. Parents or stepparents
  2. Grandparents or step-grandparents
  3. Uncle, aunt, step-uncle or step-aunt
  4. Partner
  5. Sibling or step-sibling
  6. Nephew, niece, step-nephew, step-niece
  • If the applicant is not a parent of the student, then the student’s parents must nominate the guardian in writing.
  • The 590 visa Australia applicant should have sufficient funds to support themselves as well as their family members during their intended period of stay in Australia and must be able to prove the same. While assessing the funds, the Department of Immigration will consider certain factors like income, employment and the nature of the relationship between the applicant and the person provide the fund.
  • The applicant should support and take care of the student visa holder whose age is within 18 years or more in certain exceptional situations.
  • As per the GTE requirement, the applicant is required to provide information such as the situation in the home country, a situation in Australia, proof of assets in the home country and immigration history.
  • The applicant must provide evidence showing that they have health insurance for the length of their stay in Australia.
  • The applicant must submit documents including the page of their passport containing the photo, personal details, the issue and expiry date of the passport, two recent passport photographs, birth certificate showing parents name and evidence of name change if any.
  • The applicant must ensure proper support, general welfare and accommodation to the student. They must also make suitable arrangements for children or family members who are not accompanying them to Australia and prove the same.

Other Applicable Conditions

  1. An applicant needs to inform the concerned department if they wish to be the guardian of more than one student in Australia.
  2. Once the student guardian visa is granted, the applicant is not supposed to apply for any other visa
  3. The student guardian visa holder is not supposed to work
  4. The applicant must continue with overseas visitor health cover
  5. In case, the student guardian visa holder leaves Australia without taking the nominated student with them, penalties will be charged.

Visas Affecting Your Eligibility

One cannot apply for the visa if you hold any of the following visas while staying in Australia.

  • Visitor visa subclass 600 in streams like Sponsored Family/Approved Destination
  • Temporary Work visa subclass 403 in Domestic Worker stream
  • Domestic Worker Diplomatic and Consular visa subclass 426
  • Transit visa subclass 771
  • Diplomatic visa subclass 995, applicable for primary holders only. However, family members of Diplomatic visa subclass 995 holders are eligible to lodge an application for an Australian Student Guardian visa.

How the Best Migration Agents Can Help?

The best migration agents can help an applicant to find out if they are eligible for the student guardian 590 Visa application process and assess their situation. As one of the best ISA migration and education consultants, they streamline the visa procedure guide every step of the way starting from answering all the queries till the time the applicant enters Australia. They take care of all the legal complexities of the visa application process especially the legal part. They tell the applicants about the documents that they need to submit along with their visa application. Each and every application is assessed thoroughly by the Migration Agent Adelaide so that they can provide the quality services to the visa applicants and make the application process hassle-free.

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