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Career Counselling

Career Counselling

ISA Migrations is the leading, qualified and registered education consultancy with office branches inAustralia and India. Our consultancy houses immensely experienced MARA registered migration agents and consultants who provide effective guidance to the students for studying overseas in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom and United States.

our skilled professionals assist international students in various aspects: Right from selecting the most suitable course to the best education provider and visa application process to the journey to Australia and making you experts in the field you choose to secure a job after completion of studies.

We have association with numerous reputed Colleges and Universities in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland and Singapore and have successfully placed over 1500 students in institutions globally.

How we Work?
We start with understanding your personal educational goals

Our education consultants begin with a counselling session either in person or over the call which includes identifying your skills, educational background and your personal desires and interests. Besides this you will also be asked about your preferred country, city and the amount you are willing to spend to support your overseas education.

You will be asked some really general questions in order to get better understanding of your requirements and facilitate you with the best possible option such as your motive to enter Australia, your English language test score etc. Get in touch with one of our qualified agents to help you with the process.

Why ISA Migrations?

ISA Migrations is home to highly experienced and registered migration agents who are skilled in providing advice and assistance for managing your visa application.

  • Our counselors provide comprehensive support regarding all Australian student visa related activities. We offer assistance in managing primary application from assessing the eligibility to the visa grant.
  • We are available and stand by your side providing you every update of your visa application till visa is received.
  • With the wealth of experience of having dealt with clients from diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds, we are able to take our every client hassle free through the whole immigration process.
  • With diverse collection of colleges and universities in different countries we help our students from selecting the best courses to applying the student visa for them
  • We help students gain specialized English language training such as IELTS, PTE and spoken English
  • We also offer internships in their study areas to enhance employability in Australian job market
  • We guide students through counselling to take right decision at right time to attain educational goals

One of our visa consultants will conduct a visa assessment session for you to assist you in preparing your visa file. This may include:

  • Generally, the visa assessment consists five different levels set by immigration of Australia where getting 5 signifies the maximum immigration risk and 1 being the lowest.
  • The applicant will have to present more evidences to support their application and receive visa grant if they get higher assessment level.
  • Our agent’s, expert in the field will make the process simpler for you with their guidance.

After your visa assessment and understanding your personal goals our migration agents will help you with the following:

  • Identify the courses as per your key interest
  • Identify universities or colleges that offer those career paths.
  • Based on your entry requirements, they will suggest you to either enroll in a degree or a vocational course (This course teaches the skills mandatory for a particular job) in your preferred city

The genuine temporary entrant requirement (GTE) is very important factor to obtain student visa. The immigration of Australia considers it to be:

  • An integrity measure to ensure the student visa program is used as intended and not as a way for international students to maintain permanent residency in Australia.
  • Our trained consultant will help you prepare the statement to meet the GTE requirement.
  • It is a definite recommendation to comply by the all the student visa rules and obligations as mentioned in your visa conditions.
Statement of Purpose guidance

You will need to present a statement of purpose while applying for Australian student visa. It is an essay that a student is required to submit to the institution with significant details in order to prove the reviewing committee that you intend to only study and not enter the country for permanent residency purpose. Your letter of statement for to satisfy Genuine temporary entrant criteria must consist of the following:

  • ✓  Your Background
  • ✓  Qualification
  • ✓  Professional Experience
  • ✓  Your interest in the chosen field, course and intuition
  • ✓  Your skills
  • ✓  Your ultimate benefits

A well-written SOP of Genuine temporary entrant is very important to obtain admission and student visa as it is a sole personalized aspect of your application and gives you the chance to demonstrate your uniqueness among others. An effective SOP will make remarkable impact on whether the visa should be issued to you or not as it eminently contributes to your selection and admission process.

Now that you realize how important it is to present an effectual SOP of Genuine temporary entrant our education specialists will guide you on very important aspect that how to write a powerful and successful SOP. With the gained wealth of experience dealing with numerous winning SOP’s, they will assess your case and help you reach your aim. Our agents will provide you the complete check list and help you prepare a persuasive statement of purpose for GTE.

Once everything is clear to both you and counsellor and the choices have been made, you will be guided through the application process, which will include:

  • Arrange all the necessary documents to enroll in the institution.
  • They will guide you on all the paperwork required for visa and application process including certified copies of academic transcripts, diplomas/certificates, etc.
  • They will help you complete all the forms.
  • Once everything needed is gathered your student visa application will be lodged by our agent.

Speak to one of our experienced counselors and get the best guidance to obtain desired visa. They even speak your language. Simply fill up the enquiry form and we will get back to within 48 hours.

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